Year 9 - 12 MacBook Program

St John Paul II Catholic College provides a Year 9 Parent/Caregiver MacBook Purchase Program.

At St John Paul II Catholic College we value your child’s education and we believe that the 1 to 1 Parent Purchase/Caregiver Technology Program will allow your child to develop confidence, creativity and productivity the use of technology in the classroom that will prepare them for the impacts of technologies in the digital world.

The 1 to 1 Technology Purchase Program at St John Paul II Catholic College will extend the learning environment from the physical constraints of the learning and teaching spaces, to give our students the capability to collaborate, share information and experiences, work across disciplines and take control of their learning. Students and teachers have access to a range of tools that assist making learning stimulating, purposeful and more engaging.

The 1 to 1 program will equip each student with technology to use at school and at home, enabling students to have 24/7 access to resources and learning material.

2024 Technology Purchase Information - Have a question?

This page provides parents with all of the information you require when purchasing your child's device for 2024.

Please feel free to use the online form to ask questions if you need any clarification.

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Parent Information

Why MacBook?

School Programs

School Programs and Courses

Our entire schools programming and unit writing are all designed and focused around the MacBooks and their capabilities. Assessment tasks are also designed using Mac only apps such as iMovie and Garageband.

All MacBook's at the school are linked with Google's APPS for education to which the students get free access with unlimited storage. Google Applications such as SLIDES and SHEETS allow multiple students to collaborate in real time on the same document and also from the convenience from home.





The school infrastructure has been built and focused around Apple Machines.


The networks and cabling at the school have been set up based on Apple products for the learning at the school. By having an Apple only focus we are able to increase speeds and detect problems a lot quicker than using multi systems.

TV's and Projectors

The school has installed over 100 TV's and Apple TV's which can only be connected to via Apple products such as a MacBook. If students need to project an assessment or present to the class they can only do so through their apple products.



Sharing Information

Every staff member at the school has a MacBook. By keeping it streamlined to the Apple products staff are easily able to share things with students such as assignments, resources and calendars for due dates. Not only this staff members are able to easily share information with their colleagues to further the education of our students. Lastly students are able to share information via their MacBooks in real time when they are working on collaborative learning strategies.




Applications on the MacBooks far outweighs any competitors


This is an application that comes standard with a MacBook and allows students to create music clips & songs or edit music or find a certain tone or pitch of a music note. The features of Garageband are widely used in a range of subjects and programs within our school environment. It is available as a free purchase on the App Store, if it isn't available on your device.


iMovie again comes standard with a MacBook and is used in a number of our subjects at the school and is also used for many assessment tasks. iMovie lets you create movies and presentations that can be shared amongst the class and teacher. iMovie gives our visual learners many opportunities to convey their thoughts and ideas. It is available as a free purchase on the App Store, if it isn't available on your device.




When MacBooks are used in an education environment up to 8-10 hours a day they still have a shelf life of 5 Years (minimum). This far outweighs other competition. Yes you may pay more money initially but another reason we are a Mac only school is that we ensure that your device will last your student from year 9-12 without any new purchases.



Virus Protection

Apple prides itself on keeping your MacBook safe from virus's and malware attacks. Whilst students should always be careful on what they click and download the MacBook itself is a lot more secure then other systems and virus protection is not needed to be purchased.


What MacBook Should you Purchase?


For best price to performance and recommended by the School we recommend the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is perfect for schoolwork as its fast and light and is at a cheaper price then the MacBook pro. The starting price of the MacBook Air is $1599.

macbookpro-13 macbook-pro-16

For best performance we would recommend the MacBook Pro 13. MacBook Pro's will be the fastest MacBook you can buy but will be the most expensive retailing at from $1899 rrp. There is also the option to purchase a 16'' Mackbook pro.

If purchasing a MacBook Pro you will not need any upgrades added to the machine.

Parent/Student Contracts

Students and parents/caregivers are required to fill out and sign an ICT contract before they are placed back on to the school network.

Below is a copy of this years contract so you are well aware of the requirements of both the student and the parent/caregiver.


1 to 1 Stage 5 Parent/Careviger Purchase Laptop Program 2020/2021: 

To view the current contract please click here:

2020/2021 Contact

Where to purchase


CSPD, in partnership with Apple, have created an online portal to allow students and families of our Diocese to purchase Apple devices at educational discounts.

To purchase the Apple products, families will need to visit This custom page directs families to CSPD unique portal, and it offers all the same great features and access to all products and accessories of the regular Apple Online Store, like free delivery.

Families can also visit their local Apple Store and letting them know that they are from Parramatta Catholic School to get same pricing, advice or discuss the products that they might be considering. The contact centre is also available on 133-622.

Apple offers special iPad and Mac pricing for students attending our schools. This special pricing is available for purchases made at Apple Stores, through our school’s customised online store or via the Apple contact centre. If families are purchasing in-store or over the phone just let the Specialist know our school’s name.

Finance options are also available for purchases if families are purchasing at an Apple Store or online.

The Apple Store is a great place to learn about, try and buy Apple products for education. Apple Specialists are on hand to help families and their student get to know their new Apple device, and with Personal Setup they can help get new devices up and running before they leave the store.

Families and students can join one of the daily in-store workshops to learn a new skill, and students can learn and create at one of the Apple Camp or Field Trip events. Visit, to go directly to the Apple Store Castle Towers or Apple Store Penrith Apple Store and view the schedule.

Apple can also provide support with everything related to your new Apple purchase — from using iPad to troubleshooting iTunes. You can get support by phone, email or online chat or set up a repair or Genius Bar reservation at

There are two Apple Stores in the Parramatta Diocese. Please find below their details if you wish to contact them.

Apple Store Castle Towers

Phone: 02 8864 0820


Apple Store Penrith

Phone: 02 4702 9420