Staff - Exceptional Catholic Educators

Our leadership team and teachers that bring learning to life are passionate and creative, inspiring a love of learning in students every day.

They foster exploration and innovation, drawing on students’ passions, talents and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child -- academically, socially, and emotionally.

If you need to get in touch with a member of staff below, please contact the college office.

St John Paul II Staff


Executive Team
Principal Leader
Angela Hay
Assistant Principals Anthony Hulme - Wellbeing & Learning
Alyssa Roach - Innovation, Teaching & Learning
Janina Starkey - System, Learning & Metrics



Head of Stage
Director of Religious Education and Mission Nal Wijesekera
Director Administration and LENR Karen Jill Brooks
Director of Teacher Development Michelle O'Neill
Director of ICT Infrastructure and Innovation Layn Mellish
Director of Student Career Pathways Rasha Fitzsimons
Director of Learning Coach Lauren Taylor
Stage 6 Cameron Watson
Stage 5 Iain Cowan
Stage 4 Carolyn Cairns



Student Learning Liaisons
Year 12 Carolina Cartagena
Year 11 Natasha Prudnicki
Year 10 Chris Chapman
Year 9 Stephanie Canning
Year 8 Brendan Ford
Year 7 Justine Phillips



KLA Leaders of Learning & Assistants
CAPA Stage 4 & 6 Jayne Cauchi
CAPA Stage 5 Simone Scarvo
Curriculum Justine Phillips
English Stage 4 Jesse Ocsan
English Stage 5 & 6 Ben Gilholme
HSIE Stage 4 Justin Kroon
HSIE Stage 5 & 6 Jessica Kingham
Maths Stage 4 & 5 Shiela Joy Fernandez
Maths Stage 6 Stephen Clark
PDHPE Stage 4, 5 & 6 Mitzi Crawford and Belinda Cavallaro
Religion Stage 4 & 5 Michala Evans
Religion Stage 6 Nal Wijesekera
Science Stage 4 & 5 Raquel Sheehy
Science Stage 6
Vikashni Vandana
TAS Stage  5 & 6  Sian Martin
TAS Stage 4 Olivia Cochrane
VET Leader of Learning Nadine Sibbald



Special Areas of Responsibility
Attendance Family Liaison Officer Lisa-Maree Madigan
Business Manager Kelvin Haynes
Communications & Marketing Officer Sarah Vincent
Learning Support / Diversity Teacher Margaret Vrdoljak
PA to Principal Leader  Jodi Thomas
Office Administrator Linda Zammit
School Counsellor Kate Lee & Zoe Sweeney
Teacher Librarians Rebecca Johnson (Schofields) & Helen Wynd (Nirimba)
Senior ICT Officer Shaneel Datt
StJPII & Nirimba Precinct Coordinator Rasha Fitzsimons



Teacher In Charge
Assistant Leader of Learning - Liturgy Coordinator Amita Singh
SRC Nal Wijesekera & Natasha Prudnicki
NAPLAN Organisation Michelle O'Neill
Instrumental Program Hayden Clark
LOTE Lorena Henriquez
Public Speaking & Debating Jesse Ocsan
Cultural Committee
Michala Evans



College House Patrons
Therry Pascale El Bustani
Brady David Wicks
Locke Sean Turner
Mackillop Olivia Cochrane