St John Paul II Catholic College offers a very broad education that reflects the academic, social, physical and spiritual needs and interests of students.

Our learning and teaching programs place particular emphasis on the development and enhancement of literacy and numeracy skills across all Key Learning Areas.

Gospel values permeate all areas of the curriculum, not just Religious Education, and we encourage every student to pursue individual excellence, celebrate their own successes and that of others, and respect the dignity of others.

Explore the 'Learning' section of our website and learn how we give your daughter the best opportunity to develop academically, spiritually and socially.

If you have any further questions please contact us by email or phone on 9208 7200 weekdays between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.





Educating for The Future

St John Paul II Catholic College is one of 80 great Catholic Schools in Sydney area. We're so proud to be one of these unique school communities.


Religious Education

The Religious Education program at St John Paul II Catholic College provides many opportunities for students to learn and grow in their faith, and participate in building an inclusive community committed to the Church and school.



St John Paul II Catholic College in one of the top Catholic college in Sydney. We offer a very broad education. Find out more.


The Learning Continuum

The Learning Continuum focuses on implementing stage based ways of learning that allow students to develop learning skills and knowledge that can be utilised and extended as they continue through their stages of high school at St John Paul II Catholic College Schofields.


Technology in Learning

St John Paul II Catholic College is a technology rich school and we believe that students at St John Paul II should be equipped to deal with the digital world in which they live.


Supporting Diverse Learning Needs

The Learning Support Team supports the diverse learning needs of students at St John Paul II Catholic College.


Learning Enrichment

St John Paul II Catholic College strives to provide a diverse learning environment where students can try new things or further their interest in an activity they already love.



CSPD school libraries are physical and digital places of inquiry and reading. Access our eLibrary.


Sports at StJPII

There is a very active and exciting sports culture here at St John Paul II Catholic College. Learn more.


Careers, TAFE and University

St John Paul II Catholic College develops students to be life-long learners and provides unique opportunities make an early start on university and TAFE courses that can give them an advantage in guaranteed enrolment to university or being able to graduate with graduate with a degree from the TAFE system. Find out more.