Supporting Diverse Learning Needs

Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese is committed to meeting the needs of all students within an inclusive framework. Rather than separating students from their teachers and peers, learning takes place, as much as possible, within the student’s learning space and school.

The Learning Support Team supports the diverse learning needs of students at St John Paul II Catholic College. The team comprises of specialist teachers and a learning support aide who work with teachers and students to support learning.

The guiding principles of diversity are that all students can learn,all teachers can meet the diverse learning needs of students, given the right assistance, all within the school community (including parents) work together to ensure the learning of all students.

The Learning Support Team works with students, classroom teachers and parents to devise personalised learning plans to support student learning.

Personalised plans provide adjustments for students so that, they can access meaningful learning. These adjustments include:

  • scaffolded assessments
  • adjusted language in assessments
  • access to adjusted materials
  • explicit and systematic teaching of skills and content
  • access to limited outcomes
  • life skills courses
  • disability provisions

The desirable approach is not to establish special programs for students with diverse learning needs, but to expand mainstream thinking, structures and practices so that all students are accommodated. (Students with disabilities in mainstream classrooms: A resource for teachers by Anthony Shaddock, Loretta Giorcelli, Sue Smith p.12)