News Wrap Up - Week 2 | Term 2


Years 11 and 12 Physics - Luna Park 

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

On Friday Years 11 and 12 Physics explored the kinematic forces of Luna Park Sydney. Under a spectacular backdrop of our beautiful harbour, the students experienced different forms of movement such as free-fall, circular and pendulum motion.
Students obtained data which we analysed back at the lab in order to calculate the centripetal acceleration of rides such as the rotor (an experience of forces at 3 times the force of gravity!) and circular motion of the swings.
Year 11 focused on the dodgem cars in order to investigate practical applications of Newton's laws in relation to head-on, side-on and rear-end collisions and the impact these can have on the human body.
Not all students were brave enough to experience the pendulum motion of the sledgehammer but everyone at least had a go on the big dipper.
The big dipper is unique in that it puts the human body through free-fall and circular motion and accelerates the body to a speed of 75km/h from the ground whilst other roller coasters use the simple concepts of gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy to provide momentum.
All in all the students had a great day and we were blessed with sunny weather in order to experience concepts that Einstein and Newton could only have dreamed about.



Warami lunch

Thursday, 12 May 2022
Warami lunch at Nirimba welcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to the Precinct.


Year 11 Investigating Science   

Friday, 13 May 2022


Year 11 Investigating Science have been checking the health of the Nirimba stream as part of our studies of how "observations lead to inferences". We have given the creek a clean bill of health - a little more turbidity than last week after the rain, but good oxygen, pH and chloride levels and teaming with microscopic life.
Photos by Megan Guerrero (Yr 11) and Anastasia Rodionov (Yr 12)


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