Stage 5 Sacramental Program - The Lenten Journey

Stage 5 Sacramental Program - The Lenten Journey

Here at John Paul II Catholic College, there is a strong focus on not only assisting students in developing their academic knowledge of the Catholic faith within the R.E classroom but to also offer opportunities for formation, reflection and the Sacraments.
On Friday the 25th of March, 25 students from Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) were accompanied by Mrs. Singh and Miss. Plust to attend Mary Immaculate parish for the Sacrament of Reconciliation as part of the Sacramental Program.
Students were asked by Sr., the Sacramental coordinator, to reflect on their relationship with God during this season of Lent. They were asked to reflect on what they had fasted, prayed and given alms for during Lent and where there have been times they have needed to ask for forgiveness in both their immediate lives and within the school community. After Reconciliation, students were grateful for this opportunity and had said they felt both "relieved" and "renewed". Thank you to the staff and students who assisted and have allowed for ongoing opportunities for students to be active witnesses to their faith.


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