Stage 4 Sacramental Program - The Lenten Journey

Lent has begun and learners at the College are preparing for Easter making their Lenten Journey through Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

We have celebrated our Ash Wednesday Liturgy, launched Project Compassion and last Thursday, on our Caritas Jersey Day, learners from Year 7 and Year 8 had the opportunity to travel to Mary Immaculate Catholic Church for Reconciliation. It was a beautiful, sunny day so stepping out to enjoy the outdoors was a treat.

Learners were accompanied by Mrs. Singh and Miss. Plust to partake in the Sacrament of Reconciliation with Parish Priest Fr. Oliver Aro and were guided through the process by Sr. Valerie Powidzki.

During this Lenten season, it is particularly important for Catholics to reflect on the three pillars of Lent:
1. Prayer
2. Fasting
3. Almsgiving
It is during this time that we are called to reflect on the passion of Jesus Christ, to increase in our prayer life and to ask God for forgiveness when we fall short of this. Learners in Stage 5 will also have the opportunity to partake in this Sacramental Program later in March.
At St John Paul II Catholic College, the connection between the school and parish is an opportunity to allow for the formation of learners, to be active witnesses in their school community, parish, and the wider world.
Thank you to all the students and staff involved in the Sacramental Program, particularly the leader of formation and mission, Mr. Wijesekera for organising learners to be actively involved in their faith journey.