Stage 4 Music: Composing on Soundtrap

Stage 4 Music - Composing on Soundtrap


In term 3, our Year 7 and 8 music students have been challenged to develop their composition skills using the Music Software Program Soundtrap

In Year 7, students have created some impressive works in their study of Program Music. Students selected a narrative, then carefully arranged music loops to tell the story. 

In Year 8, students have become Film Composers as they create music to convey a given scene. They have arranged music loops to portray the mood and events of a specific film scene.

We are thrilled with the quality and detail of these works and are pleased to showcase two impressive compositions.

Year 7- Ysabella Sibucao: “Aliens”




Year 8 - Dean Ocampo: “Jumanji - Stampede”



Congratulations to our Stage 4 Music Students for their amazing composition works.