Chromebooks are coming to StJPII!

St John Paul II Catholic College is excited to inform you that in 2019 we will be transitioning Year 7-2019 to a Parent/Caregiver Chromebook Purchase Program. Please note if your son/daughter already has an iPad they will be able to use this in 2019.

chromeDuring Term 2 of this year 7.06 participated in a trial of Chromebooks that we were fortunate enough to have loaned to the college from the CEDP. Mr Morgan and his class found that the Chromebooks had various benefits over the iPads including the following:

  • The Chromebooks have a keypad (similar to that of a laptop) which makes it easier for students to type.

  • Google Chrome has been integrated into the teaching and learning programs and activities at the college.

  • Apple products are becoming increasingly more expensive so it is important that we consider the impact of this on cost on families.

  • Battery life of a chromebook is up to 10 hours

Mr Morgan said the following in regards to the trial:

“The Chromebooks were very easy for students to use and it did not take long at all before the students were able to manage the devices effectively. The Chromebooks have a wide range of educational apps that are beneficial for teaching and learning and include google classroom, google docs and book widgets. When beginning class each day students were always asking ‘are we going to be using the Chromebooks today?’ in excitement ”.


At St John Paul II Catholic College, we value your child’s education and we believe that the 1 to 1 Parent Purchase/Caregiver Chromebook Program will allow your child to develop confidence, creativity and productivity through the use of technology in the classroom that will prepare them for the impacts of technologies in the digital world.

The 1 to 1 program will equip each student with a Chromebook to use at school and at home, enabling students to have 24/7 access to resources and learning materials.

It is important that that parents with students starting at St John Paul II in 2019 do NOT purchase a Chromebook before the Technology Information Evening which is being held for new year 7 students on 11/9/18. In the instance where you may already own an iPad or Chromebook it is important that you still attend to understand the minimum requirements for the device and the applications.