2019 Grow Make Create

With the introduction of the new Stage 4 Technology Mandatory syllabus this year, we have seen some exciting new projects occurring. This semester half of the year 7 students have engaged in the new Agriculture and Food Technology sustainability project - Grow, Make & Create.

Students were introduced to the shocking statistics of the amount of waste we as humans are producing on a daily basis and students researched and discussed ways that we could reduce this.

Students were given the following driving question as part of our PBL approach to learning in this course: "Every single day students are bringing lunch boxes full of food and packaging that hugely impacts on the environment. How can we, as global citizens, sustainably produce vegetables to make a nutritious lunch box item that reduces your carbon footprint".

Students had to work together in project groups to help solve this problem. They design a garden, grew their own vegetables, designed their own healthy lunch box item and created a sustainable lunch box packaging.

The work that the year 7 students completed far exceeded our expectations and the projects that were created were excellent. Students were able to demonstrate and achieve these skills inside and out of the classroom, using the agriculture plot and the kitchens. We are so very proud of their achievements and we hope that this has sparked an interest in sustainability, gardening and healthy cooking/eating for the future.

We look forward to doing this all again with the other half of year 7 next semester.