When your teen is worried about the future - School Counsellor Update


Comment below any tips you have for parents, carers and teens on navigating life during and beyond school!

  1. There are so many options after school...
    Your teen needs to know that their ATAR does not define them. They can always change their mind about what they want to study and can always change courses. Chat to our staff for more information.

  2. Have a Plan A, B and C...
    It can help to sit down and come up with a few different plans with your teen. Think about outcomes that you’d both be happy with and write them down. That way, if things don’t go as expected, you’ve already got a plan in place to action!

  3. Create some momentum...
    Chat with your teen about what they can and can’t control. Help them focus on the things that they can control, like reaching out to friends or sticking to a routine. Doing this will help them see that they can still move forward, even during times of uncertainty.

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