Stage 6 Update - RYDA Experience


The students have begun their work for the 2018 HSC, they are adjusting to the rigour of HSC study and are learning to prioritise and their work/life balance.  It is important that students remember that their uniform should be worn with pride both on and off campus.  The 2018 year 12 class have also met to discuss NESA HSC requirements and have had a gentle reminder that the first bell goes at 7:55am every morning.  

On Wednesday, 15 November the students travelled to Penrith Regatta Centre to participate in the RYDA driving program.   The students attended different sessions on safe driving, driver awareness, they heard the story of a car accident survivor who had suffered a brain injury, students also had a presentation from the local Police Liaison officer.  Although it was a very hot day Miss Cairns and Miss Powles are so proud of the year group as they were praised by the organisers of the day for their manners, level of engagement and fabulous conduct.