Term 4 Update from Stage 5

As the school year approaches its end, the students are on the count down to the last day of school and are looking forward to the holidays and weeks free of assignments, lessons and tests. But what a Term 4 it has been for both Year 9 and 10 there are still two weeks to go! The Stage 5 students; have stayed on task with their school work and applied their work ethic to the classroom, improving and acquiring knowledge in and around their subjects and continuing to develop skills and a positive mental attitude around the work environment. Among all the hard work with classwork and the submission of Assessment Tasks, there have been a number of events that have seen the fantastic participation of the students.

StJPII Day 1

 Two wonderful highlights were when both cohorts travelled to Mary Immaculate Church for Mass. On October 31st Year 10’s Eucharist celebrated the Feast Day of St John Paul II and on November Ist All Saints Day Mass was Year 9’s turn. Father Ever was the celebrant for both Masses and the students participated very well and with reverence, and were a fine example to the some of the students from MIP who also attended. Special thanks must go to Mrs. Singh for organising the Liturgies and to Mr. Lara and the choirs who were in fine voice.

On the Friday of week one we saw the Peer Support Training Day. Ms. Skjellerup designed a day jam full of activities concerning aspects such “leadership”, “working with others”, “communicating with others” and the spectacular afternoon fashion parade. The participation rate of the student was very high and as a result, of the day the 2018 Peer Support Leaders were nominated and selected. Ultimately, the successful students went on to be an integral part of the Year 7 2018 Transition Day where they welcomed and worked with the Year 6 students on the Monday of week four. These leaders will work with the 2018 Year 7 cohort next year and play an important role when they conduct the Peer Support activities in Learning Enrichment during Term 1 next year.


The Year 9 and 10 Reflection Days were also held during the Term. The students acquired knowledge around their personal development, strengths and weaknesses, spiritual growth and current topics. Students probably thought the presentations were just entertainment and didn’t know they were learning through the vehicles of Chris Doyle and Endless Praise with emphasis on the importance of maintaining of a positive outlook on life, our relationships with each other and wanting the best for the lives of ourselves and other people.

Finally, Learning Enrichment during weeks 1 to 6 for Year 9 centred on “Sustainability”. The students helped with the introduction of the College recycling program and the successful installation of waste paper collection boxes in each classroom. As well, the students designed Sustainable houses, and advertising posters and videos. On the other hand, Year 10 took part in a variety activities centring on the theme of Community Service in weeks 1 to 4 such as, teachers openly discussing their experiences with volunteer work and the possibility of taking part in the “Vinnies Van” program was presented to the cohort. As well, in weeks 5 and 6 in preparation for Year 11 next year, the students completed the compulsory “All my own work” modules.

As you can see Term 4 so far has been a high impact affair and the students are to congratulated on their excellent level of participation and success.

Stage Five Team