From the Assistant Principals: School Uniform Reminder

Thank you for your efforts in ensuring your sons and daughters have the correct school uniform. The college uniform unites us as a community and makes us visible and identifiable in public. When it is worn well, it demonstrates the pride students have in their school.

Some reminders:

  • As the mornings get cooler, students will need an extra layer of warmth. Please note that they need to be wearing the red woollen school jumper with their school uniforms, not their sports jackets or mufti jumper/hoodie.

  • Please notice the socks your sons and daughters are wearing with their uniforms. Boys should wear grey socks with their school uniforms, and girls wear white socks. Both boys and girls wear white socks with their sports uniforms. Socks should be clearly visible above the top of the shoe.

  • Winter uniform is worn during Terms 2 and 3. The school blazer must be worn to and from school, and as the first layer in cooler weather. The jumper adds warmth, and is only to be worn with the blazer during Terms 2 and 3. If your son or daughter does not have a college blazer, he/she will need to be fitted for, and order one now to ensure it is delivered before the beginning of Term 2.

  • Girls dresses and kilts (Term 2 & 3) need to be to the knee. Please have dresses/kilts that do not meet this requirement adjusted immediately.

The college uniform shop is open on Tuesdays (8.00am - 2.30pm) and Thursdays (9.00am- 3.30pm). School uniform items can only be purchased from the uniform shop.