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This article includes important dates and an information letter for parents/caregivers regarding upcoming vaccinations for Year 7 and Year 12 students.
Here is an update on everything "technology" at the College including information on the iPad/Macbook programs, ICT recourses available on campus, online progress testing for students and an over all summary of all the ICT action from Term 1, 2017.
The student drop off zone for our Schofields Campus is located next to the College at Rose Cottage and has a separate entry drive way and exit driveway. We ask that all parents/caregivers use this area to pick up/drop off their children.
StJPII invites all students and families to join us at the Riverstone-Schofields ANZAC Day March and Dawn Service! Each year the College takes part in this very special community event in memory of the ANZACS. We encourage everyone to take the time to attend the event with some of our staff, SRC and other students. Read more for the details!
As we reach the end of the term we are getting closer and closer to the start of NAPLAN (Term 2, Week 3). To prepare for NAPLAN the year 7 and year 9 students have been completing several different activities. To get students engaged in the preparation for NAPLAN Miss Idone has been running a NAPLAN question of the day. The students are emailed one NAPLAN based numeracy question per day and have the chance to earn themselves merits. We would like to congratulate all the students who have been attempting the questions every day. Some students have earned themselves 5 merits already!
In Year 8 Textiles, students have been using a technique called felting. The students use their hands, along with hot water and detergent to manipulate the fibres so they fuse together. Students are also learning a number of different techniques including tie dye, quilting, printing and how to hand appliqué using a blanket stitch to then sew pieces together using a sewing machine and create an ipad cover! Year 8 are really enjoying the creative and hands on opportunities in Textiles and will have the opportunity to select it as an elective when they move onto Year 9.
Last week we had three students represent the College in the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges Swimming Carnival! Students Jayden Weymark, Emily Plummer and Patrick Cusack each left the event with 1st, 2nd or 3rd achievements and medals! It is great to see we have so many students talented in a range of different sports and other areas. (Results included in article)
Our Assistant Principals have some very special and important messages for each of their Stage groups around learning, pastoral care and this special time of year.
StJPII would like to congratulate the following students on their great sporting achievements. We definitely have some sports stars at the College! Ariane Swift (Obstacle Racing Championships), Patrick Bayliss (Special Olympics for swimming), Riley Watson (NSWCCC Baseball team), Clayton Campbell (NSWCCC Softball team), Cody Brewczynski (Go Karting Championships), Temorshah Zikria (Australian Boxing Championships)
Year 11 have quickly settled into life at Nirimba. In their first term they have participated in liturgies, attended excursions and have undertaken a six week program on developing their study skills and understanding how their preliminary and HSC years will work. It has been a frantic term for the year 12 cohort. Amazingly, the year 12 students are half way through their final year of school. Term 1 has included significant events, such as receiving their jerseys, a special BBQ breakfast and half yearly examinations.
Last week, one special tree at our Nirimba Campus was decorated with fairy lights and many paper cranes for one very romantic proposal between two ex students! Ex Terra Sancta student, Aaron Felizardo met his (now) fiance and ex Wyndham student, Emma back in 2008. Aaron met Emma one recess with Terra Sancta and Wyndham shared the same recess times. Later that year, Terra Sancta and Wyndham no longer shared the same break times, so Aaron left a paper crane in a tree for Emma to pick up as a sign that he was thinking of her. Nine years later, Aaron met Emma at the same tree, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!
Over the last two weeks, the College's Police Liaison Officer, Senior Constable Amanda Jones has visited the College to speak with students about cyber safety. The presentation called 'Think U Know,' educates young people on how to use the internet and communication technologies in both a positive and safe way. It was pleasing to see the students be respectful and engage in the presentation as they understand the importance of keeping themselves and others safe online.
Check out all the action and activities from our 2017 Open Evening! Miss out on exploring the campus? Contact our College Office on 9208 7200 for enrolment information or to book a College tour.
On Friday, February 24, staff, students and parents/caregivers of StJPII gathered at St Patrick's Church, Blacktown, for the 2017 College Opening Mass. The Mass was a time for the College to reflect on the big year ahead, be thankful for the strong and special College community that we have as well as welcome the new students and staff that have joined us this year.
On Monday, 20 February, StJPII students gathered at the Nirimba Education Precinct Pool for their annual Swimming Carnival! The sunny day was full of fun, determination and team spirit as students cheered on their peers and worked towards their personal best.
In Term 1, Year 11 students spent the day with "Iron & Clay", a ministry/motivational band that travels 10 months of the year impacting young lives all over Australia, sharing messages around issues such as bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, drink driving and self esteem through music and testimony. The students enjoyed a day full of song, activities, reflections and dance.
This year's Easter Liturgy focuses on the 'Washing of the Feet', signifying the act of service through drama and dance to look at how we are all called by Jesus to wash the feet of our neighbours. The liturgy and performance is centred around a boat that symbolises journey and hope, representing all those people in our world that are marganilsed, challenging us to love our neighbours and calls us to look to ways we can serve others.
Last week our Year 11 Construction and Entertainment students completed their construction induction cards! These students are now ready for their work experience in their subjects, working towards a range of pathways and future careers.
On Sunday we process into the Church accompanied by shouts of ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!’, only to hear, in the second Gospel of the day: ‘Crucify him! Crucify him!’ What do we do with this? How can we go forward and not be manipulated by the crowd that shouts ‘Hosanna’ one moment, and a week later calls for Jesus’ death? Perhaps the best way to travel this last week — the only week in the Church’s year that we call Holy — is to do so in the company of the poor and the broken, the marginalised, the innocent, the abused.
In 2017, St John Paul II Catholic College are lending our support to a campaign called ‘Every Learner, Every Day’, an initiative designed to all remind students and parents why regular school attendance is so important. As part of this campaign, a range of resources and strategies will be made available to help parents, if help is needed. We encourage you to think about the ideas suggested on the poster and to speak to your child about these messages.
On Monday, 6 March, over 170 Year 6 students from our local Catholic primary schools visited StJPII for the ultimate high school experience in celebration of Catholic Schools Week! Students got a taste of all the exciting and new opportunities ahead of them in Year 7, 2018 with a range of activities throughout the day, including sporting activities, exploring science experiments, taste testing in Food Technology, playing with technology in the Library and meeting Shaun the sheep and all his friends in the Agriculture plot. StJPII were delighted to have the Year 6 students on campus and are very excited to welcome them to the College community in 2018!
A message to each of the Stages from their Assistant Principal!
Thank you for your efforts in ensuring your sons and daughters have the correct school uniform. The college uniform unites us as a community and makes us visible and identifiable in public. When it is worn well, it demonstrates the pride students have in their school. Here are some reminders regarding school uniform...
St John Paul II is committed to the provision of a safe and caring learning environment. Effective learning cannot occur unless this is the case. Students who tend to bully should be aware that the school will act strongly in response to reported cases of bullying. Students who do not feel comfortable with the actions of other students should report to their Leader of learning or Student Liaison Officer, either in person or via email. The “No Way” site has a range of resources for students, parents and teachers. “It starts and stops with you” is a great motto to use with online issues. Everything can stop when you do not post or add comments to an issue.
On Friday, February 24, staff, students and parents/caregivers of StJPII gathered at St Patrick's Church, Blacktown, for the 2017 College Opening Mass. The Mass was a time for the College to reflect on the big year ahead, be thankful for the strong and special College community that we have as well as welcome the new students and staff that have joined us this year.
Congratulations to our many Year 12 students who recently received certificates for completing a range of TAFE courses! Students either received a Certificate II in Construction Pathways, Business and Kitchen Operations or a Certificate III in Live Production and Services.
The Public Speaking season has begun with a great show from the students at St. John Paul II. On Friday the 3 Match 2017 our 10 strong team headed to St Andrews College, Marayong to represent our school in the opening round of the CSDA Public Speaking competition. Whilst some of our team were pipped at the post we congratulate Annointed Erhunmwunse (Year 10) who has progressed through to the FINALS after getting through the zone finals on March 10. We wish Annointed the best of luck!
Synopsis for Term 1 Working Bee A Big Thank You
Synopsis for Prayer and Reflection Third Sunday of Lent 18 19 March
Every day for the remainder of the term students will have a chance to increase the number of merits they receive and therefore fast track their way to our merit awards, merit pizza lunches and Wet 'n' Wild. NAPLAN is fast approaching and one of the ways that you need to prepare is to complete some practice questions. Each morning, a numeracy practice question will be emailed for students to complete if they choose to. Students who complete 5 practice questions receive a merit and go in the running for other prizes!
Our Year 9’s have commenced their chosen electives, took part in Learning Enrichment workshops that focused on the skills and support needed for their learning and wellbeing, including ‘Survival in a Digital Age’ and ‘Surviving being a Teenager’ and also visited our local nursing home where they spend time with the elderly residents. The Year 10 student body, have hit the ground running with the start of the 2017 school year. Blink and it is Thursday Learning Enrichment and Year 10 are all over the school grounds, participating in sports, leading the junior campus peer support program or completing a road safety program in recognition of their growing maturity.
Students were invited to wear their favourite sporting jersey, t-shirt or scarf to raise money for this year's Caritas Project Compassion. Together the StJPII Jersey Day raised over $900! Well done and thank you to all those who donated and wore their team colours on the day!
On Thursday the 9th of March, the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders and the Year 7 cohort spent their final Peer Support rotation enjoying group trivia and a BBQ. Over the last six weeks the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders have used time in Learning Enrichment to build upon their relationships with Year 7 students that began last year at Transition Day. It has been excellent to see the rapport between the Leaders and Year 7 students continue to grow through the Peer Support Program.
In Year 7 EHR, students have been learning about the causes and effects of the atomic bomb on Japan. To show their understanding of the topic, students were asked to write a diary entry from the perspective of a Japanese person at the time. After completing this task, students were asked to provide constructive feedback to their peers using the STAR/WISH/WISH model and marking criteria.
After selling pancakes on Pancake Tuesday, StJPII held Ash Wednesday liturgies for each Stage, marking the beginning of Lent! Students received the ashes and were called to repent, turn away from selfishness to the love of God and the love of one’s neighbour, which is at the heart of this year’s Caritas Australia Project Compassion appeal.
Year 10 Food Technology students made their own hot cross buns! As part of their "Celebrations" unit, students got busy in the kitchens with their mix masters and kneading skills to make the best, homemade hot cross buns for Easter.
On Tuesday, February 28, Year 11 Catholic Studies students undertook a gallery walk as part of their class topic on pilgrimages. Students were given the opportunity to partake in a small religious movement around the Nirimba campus.
Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. This sea- son prepares us to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter. For people aged 18–59, Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting (only one complete meal and two smaller ones with no food in between). For people aged 14 and over, it is also a day of abstinence from meat (which is a symbol of abundance and wealth). On Ash Wednesday, we are reminded of what we are when no longer sustained by God: dust. The message of Ash Wednesday is not morbid—it is a joyful reminder that, with God’s life within us, we are so much more than dust and ashes! In Old Testament times, people expressed grief and sorrow by covering themselves in ashes.
This week our Year 11 Biology and Senior Science students had the opportunity to explore Penrith Lakes as part of their Local Ecosystem and Local Environment units. Students were asked to test the health of the Lake's ecosystem using a variety of Biological tests. This was a great way for the students to put practical experience to the theory they have been working on throughout this unit and enjoy a different kind of "classroom" for the day!
This week Year 10 Food Technology students got creative with cupcakes as part of their Celebrations unit! This unit focuses on food presentation and service, where students learn how to present and garnish foods appropriate to a special occasion. Students had a great time baking and decorating their own cupcakes whilst they also continue their assessment task of designing their dream 21st birthday party!
Year 7 have been introduced to a whole new world of science in their first few weeks of high school, learning about science labs and all the special equipment. Miss Morgan's science class had fun creating big, colourful posters reading the all the rules for their science lab and have now received their bunsen burner license.
The Learning Continuum focuses on implementing stage based ways of learning that allow students to develop learning skills and knowledge that can be utilised and extended as they continue through their stages of high school. The skills and knowledge students learn in Stage 4 Cooperative Learning is necessary for the students to continue to Stage 5 Active Learning, where they further develop skills and knowledge. In Stage 6, students use the skills developed in earlier stages, supported by online learning, to allow for time in class to be skills focused.
It was quite an educational Valentine's Day for our Year 8 Italian classes. To celebrate the occasion students researched the origins of Saint Valentine's Day before learning how to write a love letter in Italian! Students also had the opportunity to try a famous Italian chocolate called "Baci" that has a little love note inside each piece as well as make use of the Valentine's Day photo-booth set up in the Schofields library.
On Thursday, 9 February, over 1000 students, staff and parents/caregivers gathered at the Schofields Campus to celebrate our HSC High Achievers of 2016! This year 65 students were recognised at the assembly for their astonishing achievements in the HSC, all receiving bands 5 and 6 in a range of subjects. The awardees continued their celebrations with a morning tea before heading to the HSC Question/Answer session with our current Year 11 and 12 students.
This article includes a message to each Stage 4, 5 and 6 from their Assistant Principals. - “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in society, in every family.” Kofi Anan This famous quote from the former Secretary-General of the United Nations epitomises why we are passionate about education; why we have dedicated our lives to the vocation of teaching. It is passion we work to emulate in our daily interactions with the students and staff with whom we are blessed to work. Thank you to the students and staff of St John Paul II for their warm welcome.
Student academic and social achievement and attendance at school are key priorities for us at St John Paul II Catholic College. With this in mind, we would like to assert the connection between the two. We know that students who attend almost every day of school do well in all aspects of their education. Research tells us that students who do not attend school regularly do not achieve academically or socially as well as their peers whose attendance at school is regular.
Check out all the upcoming events and opportunities within the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, including many events and retreats for the Lenten period of 2017.
Last week, Year 7 and Year 9 spent some quality time learning all about their devices and how to use them within their studies. This included a range of applications and Google programs as well as learning all the protocols of technology at school.
Each year Blacktown City Council provide two free plants per household to be collected. If you have not yet collected your free plants and don't think you will use them, why not consider donating the plants to the College? To donate your two plants to the College, please complete the brief form and return it to the College Office. We thank you for your generosity and appreciate your contribution to the College environment!
On Monday, 6 February, the StJPII community welcomed all Year 7 families to the College at the annual Year 7 Welcome BBQ. This event was an opportunity for parents/caregivers to meet their children's teachers, check out their classroom and learn all about the many new ways of high school life. Following the formalities was a sausage sizzle BBQ and ice blocks to end a very hot, but great day for the students and their families!
It has been a very busy and exciting first few weeks for our Stage 4 students! Year 7 have learnt the ropes of high school, placed their starfish in the prayer room, attending their Welcome BBQ and much more. Year 8 recently had the opportunity to experience the "Sticks and Stones" Brainstorm production during Learning Enrichment.
A large number of Year 10 - 12 StJPII students have begun TAFE courses over at the Nirimba Campus! Year 10 students made their way over to the Nirimba Campus and joined other Year 11 - 12 students to begin their TAFE courses in either Early Childhood Education and Care, Beauty Therapy, Primary Industries - Horticulture, Animal Studies, Design Fundamentals or Events.
On Monday, Year 11 students began senior high school at the Nirimba Campus with a special liturgy. Each student received a special shell that is a metaphor for life and their HSC journey, the different curves in the shell representing all the different paths during the students' HSC journey, that all come together at the end at their Graduation Mass.
Each year our school identifies a goal that will inspire our prayer and commitment to the evangelising mission of our church. This year our Mission Goal is to increase the understanding of the charism of St John Paul II focusing on our Catholic values around the common good and reconciliation. Catholic Church teaches clearly that all people have a right to participate in society and all people have the right to things, which allow them ‘human decency’, which can be named as the ‘common good’.
On January 30, StJPII welcomed our Year 7 2017 students on their first day of high school! The students had a great day learning the ropes of everyday life at StJPII, made new friends and took part in many activities including the traditional Starfish Ceremony.
High school is just around the corner for those students in Years 5 and 6! Join us on Monday, 13 March, between 4pm and 8pm to explore all the great educational opportunities at St John Paul II. The evening will include enrolment information for Year 7 2018/2019, Years 7 & 11 subject stalls, showcases, a BBQ and more!
This week, in an integrated learning class of English, History and Religion, 7.01 and 7.03 came together to take a fun, new spin on what can be seen as boring comprehension questions!! The novel was read, the rules were given and it was time for Year Seven EHR to get their amazing race on!! The teachers posted comprehension questions all around the school grounds and in mixed, co-teaching groups the students raced one and other not only physically, but academically. The students had to answer all questions correctly and be the first to do so in order to take the title of Year Seven Amazing Race Champions! This learning strategy caters to all learner needs as students are able to be up and active and have a fun, competitive attitude towards learning their text so they can be the first to correctly answer all the comprehension questions. Teamwork and comprehending texts were the real winners of the day as the students all got involved and gave it their best!
Year 9 student, Chloe Poulsen, has recently won the 14 Years Australian Physie and Dance Nationals at the Sydney Opera House as well as a $600 Brent Street Scholarship! Chloe shares with us her amazing achievements and experience in physie and dance...
This week, 16 students from Years 10-11 took part in an induction to become Student Religious Educators! Next year, these students will be going to Schofields Public School to assist in 30 minute Religion Lessons for the Catholic students at the school. Well done to these students who have taken this opportunity as a form of community service!
On Thursday, 17 November, Year 8 gathered for their annual Pirate Day. During Learning Enrichment in Term 4, year 8 students have been learning about the media and segments used in TV news reports. We have decided to learn about this in a fun way by making our own media segments with a Pirate spin! Students filmed their Pirate Segments during Learning Enrichment where the news report will be watched on Pirate Day. On Pirate Day the Year 8 students took part in community building activities such as inter class competitions and also try to raise money for charity through the "Weigh you Booty" competition. The homeroom that collects the heaviest amount of coins or booty (food donations) wins points for their class. The final aspect of the day is watching the Pirate Sunrise Video.
Year 10 Student, Bailey Hughes, recently returned from New Zealand with the Australian Indigenous oztag team after winning the Oceania Cup tournament against the Mouri team! Bailey has been playing oztag since the age of 9, played locally and state for Nepean, nationals for the Western Sydney Tigers, as well as for NSW Oztag and the under 20's for Penrith. We would like to congratulate Bailey on such great achievements and wish him all the luck in his future in oztag!
On Monday, 5 December, over 40 students had the privilege of spending the day at Wet n Wild in recognition of their merit achievements in 2016! During the year there are merit events to celebrate those students who were recognised for displaying RISE UP qualities such as Respect, Integrity, Safety, Effort, Uniform/Equipment and/or Punctuality. At the end of the year, those who achieved the most merits all round celebrate at Wet n Wild. The students had a blast on the day! They're hard work and efforts definitely paid off.
In the last 3 weeks of Term 4 each year, students at StJPII have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities in Learning Enrichment. Some students decided to get a good workout in with Repetitions bootcamp, some got moving with Zumba and other creative in the Dance group!
Adolescents are dealing with change every day. They are changing physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, psychologically and spiritually. They make decisions and adjustments based on their family, their peers and what they see in the media. To this we add challenges to normal behaviours such as the effects of genetics, rapid technological and social changes and sometimes, trauma. When you throw in the erosion of neighbourhood networks & other traditional support networks, problems are exacerbated. Our children go from predictable in Year 6 to complex & unpredictable in Year 7-8. They seek adult like roles & status. In doing so they try out new behaviours and if they don’t work, they may return to earlier (more predictable) childish behaviours. Still they are mostly compliant. As they reach Year 9 and Year 10 they may become more non compliant.
The StJPII College Council is offering parents/caregivers the opportunity join us in bringing new ideas to the StJPII community! The College Council meets four times throughout the year, and consists of representatives from the College leadership, teaching staff, local parish, College SRC and parent/caregiver community. We currently have three available positions for parents/caregivers to join and would love for those interested to complete a nomination form!
The SRC has had a busy term with fundraising and leadership. The Schofields SRC has been fundraising during breaks to raise money for St Vincent De Paul. Money raised will be used to create food hampers to assist with the College’s Christmas Hamper collection.
The last two weeks of Term 3 were a mix of emotions for both students and staff of the graduating class of 2016. It was wonderful to see the students process into their graduation mass proudly wearing their sash’ over impeccable uniforms. Year 12 then had their graduation ceremony and formal where once again they were beautifully dressed and presented with maturity. It has been our absolute pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of young people and we are filled with hope that our world is in good hands. Goodluck Year 12, may your future be bright and your successes many. Miss Powles
On Wednesday, 23 November, after weeks of preparation, transforming classrooms to clans, learning Japanese ways, writing haikus and chants and dressing in their colours, the seven Year 7 Ninja Clans gathered today for their annual Ninja Day! Throughout the day the Ninja Clans battled it out in the Japanese themed "amazing race", capture-the-flag tournament haiku readings and martial arts presentations based on their Japanese unit they have been learning in class this Term.
The StJPII Student Representative Council are currently attending the Halogen Youth Leadership Day at Homebush. The inspired theme of the day is empowering young people to lead both themselves and others well. Throughout the day students will hear from guest speakers on how they can have a positive influence on the world and others around them!
Advent is a time for us to stop and reflect on the year, to understand what are the important things in our lives and to let go of the things that hold us back- it is a season that offers us time for hope. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, tells us that “God always waits for us, even when we have left him behind!
He is never far from us, and if we return to him, he is ready to embrace us.” During Advent, we hear the Prophets calling us to return to God and experience his mercy. We hear John the Baptist call us to repent and experience God’s mercy. And we anticipate the celebration of God’s greatest act of mercy, the sending of his only Son, Jesus,
to be with us.
As we move forward towards 2017 the ICT team would like to update parents/caregivers and students on the requirements for iPads and MacBooks for 2017. Read more for information on device requirements and ICT contact details.
The 2017 Diocesan and College school fees information is now available. The 2017 schedule includes a modest 3.0% increase on the fees from 2016. Every effort has been made to keep the fee increase to a minimum. School-based fees are also limited to a 3.0% increase to ensure we have consistency across the Diocese.
Last Friday, 18 November, Year 11 students, staff and parents/caregivers celebrated the great achievements of many students at the Year 11 Semester Two Awards. The certificates awarded to students were based on their academic achievements as well as overall effort and extra-curricular achievements including Sports Man and Woman of the year, the Eugene Stockton award, Western Sydney University pathways program awards, Victor Chang Science awards and more!
Year 9 students have recently participated in two days of Peer Support Training in preparation for the Year 7 students of 2017. Although all students demonstrated great leadership qualities only 66 students were selected to be Peer Support Leaders. They put their leadership skills into action on Year 7 Transition Day, where they met their peer support students for the first time! Year 10 students recently participated in reflection day. The focus of the day was ‘service’ and students were involved in many activities where they learnt the importance of serving others. Year 10 students for the last 3 weeks in learning enrichment will be undertaking Community Service training for Vinnies Van.
Parents and carers have long enjoyed photographing their children’s progress at school. Today this often includes sharing the images on social media. When other students in the background are identifiable, there can be concerns if their parents/carers have not given permission and the images become public. Some parents and carers may have general privacy concerns about images of their children being posted without their consent, or in some cases, there can be real legal or safety concerns for the child or family concerned. This information letter is intended to set out best practice in this evolving policy area.
Our Year 11 Construction students recently installed a slat display wall in our Schofields Library! Students learnt to measure up the job required, ordered the materials needed, cut materials to size and then installed the wall with all the finishing touches. This project not only gave the students practical experience but also taught them valuable site skills for the industry.
During Week 5, Year 9 had the opportunity to take part in one of two very inspiring Reflection Days with Chris Doyle. Students experienced music, dance, group workshops, testimonies that challenged them to live their lives with a strong value system based around the teachings of Jesus. Our Year 9 students did not only enjoy themselves during all the dancing, singing and discussions, but they left the events with a new outlook on their lives, their actions and their values.
Year 7 student, Holly Zavone, writes about what they have been learning in Year 7 Science this term! Students have been learning about substance separation and are beginning to experiment with the different techniques.
Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) are tests designed to asses the students learning achievements throughout the year. Earlier in the year students took part in PAT R (Reading) and over the last two weeks have been undertaking testing in Mathematics (PAT M). The results obtained from these tests are used by the College to target teaching and learning activities to areas of weaknesses in the College to maximise the students learning in the future.
Check out the latest events and opportunities within the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta!
Year 7 students have been learning about linear relationships in mathematics over the past 2 weeks. One activity that had students out and about was an 'Algebra walk'. This had students representing a value of 'x' and then doing some multiplication and sums with this number.
Last week, students were recognised for their fantastic efforts throughout last Term at the RISE UP Merit Pizza Lunch! Each Stage held a small presentation and pizza lunch for those students who have achieved the most RISE UP merits in their year groups, recognising students who continue to exercise Respect, Integrity, Safety, Effort, Uniform and Equipment and/or Punctuality. The students had a great time celebrating their achievements with the other awardees and could agree that the hard work pays off when you're having pizza for lunch! Well done to all those students who were recognised at the presentations.
Our World Youth Day pilgrims recently spent their mornings sharing their experiences with StJPII students and feeder schools after attending World Youth Day 2016 earlier in the year. The pilgrims shared their various experiences of mission work, catechesis classes and experiencing their faith with different cultures, with the central message being ‘acts of mercy brings hope to all’. Students were able to understand the importance of mercy through the experiences of the pilgrims and consider their opportunities of attending a World Youth Day in the years to come.
Parents/Caregivers would have heard in the media about a change in the rules around the requirements for the award of the HSC. These changes will apply to students enrolled for the HSC in 2020 who are currently in Year 8. In order to try to improve literacy and numeracy standards, candidates for the HSC will have to meet a minimum standard in these areas. Over the next few years, BOSTES (Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards) will be developing resources and publishing information to assist with the transition to this new standard.
On Monday, 31 October, St John Paul II welcomed the new Year 7 2017 students to their Transition Day! The Transition Day gave the students an opportunity to meet staff and future peers they will be spending their high school journey with. The day included a range of activities with their Peer Support Leaders for 2017 including a scavenger hunt around the school, a presentation on RISE UP, capture-the-flag and a sausage sizzle lunch!
Last week, Year 9 students and staff gathered to celebrate Mass for All Saints' Day. All Saints’ Day is a solemn Holy day of the Catholic Church celebrated annually on November 1, dedicated to the saints of the Church, that is, all those who have attained heaven. Year 9 were challenged by Mr Fanning to go out and do saintly things, where they use their gifts for the common good of others.
Last week, Miss Morgan's Year 10 Science class used a range of materials and techniques to design their own earthquake resistant buildings that would have minimal movement during an earthquake. Each group had the opportunity to test their buildings by shaking it in a box of mulch to simulate a real life situation. Afterwards the students evaluated the results and determined the most appropriate techniques in building a structure that would survive an earthquake. This was a great way for students to put theory into practice and use their creativity!
St Vincent de Paul – Christmas Hamper Drive Every year at this time the St John Paul II community comes together to support St Vincent de Paul by donating food products and Christmas items to make Christmas Food Hampers. Our goal every year is to make as many hampers as possible, hoping that we have at least one per homeroom. Your child/ren have been advised of the specific item/s that they need to supply to their class hamper. If you are able to donate more you are more than welcome to do so.
This week, Year 9 students took part in a two day Peer Support Training program in preparation for Year 10 next year. Students learnt skills of leadership, team work and responsibility through a range of activities and reflections throughout the days. One of the most enjoyable and anticipated activities in the program would be the Newspaper Fashion Show where students, in groups, design their best outfit with newspaper with the opportunity to parade their masterpieces to their peers down the catwalk at the end of the day. Check out what they came up with!
‘Jigsaw’ is the name given to a task that requires students looking at the smaller pieces of a task, topic or idea and then collating to put together the whole picture. In Year 7 MSP co-teaching, we completed a jigsaw about communicable diseases. Each group was given a different communicable disease to research, and each person was given a different component to research about the disease. Diseases included measles, lyme disease, tuberculosis and influenza, just to name a few. Students worked on their own piece of information and then put it all together on a Google Slides presentation which enabled them to all access and write on it at the same time!
On Wednesday, 19 October, over 50 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from a range of schools in the local area attended the 2016 "Go For Gold" Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Conference. The conference celebrated the success of ATSI students and inspired current students to achieve their own successes through a range of workshops and presentations throughout the day.
On Wednesday, 26 October, Year 10 gathered at the Mary Immaculate Parish Church to celebrate the Feast Day of St John Paul II with our parish priest, Fr Ruben. The theme of the mass was around -“You are the hope of the Church, and of the world. You are my hope”. Both Fr Ruben and Mr Fanning challenged Year 10 to live their lives with love for each other. It is through love that we show the face of Jesus Christ to the world.
On Wednesday, 19 October, over 500 students, parents and staff gathered at the Schofields Campus for the annual Representative Sports Presentation BBQ! The Presentation acknowledged the efforts and achievements of all our great sports stars in the College, celebrating the strong sports culture that we have had here for many years.
On 18-19 October, Year 10 students experienced a very special Reflection Day with the inspirational group, "Endless Praise". The two days included a range of special activities, songs and reflections around the theme of "Service to Others". Through these activities the students bonded, shared stories, sang and reflected on the importance of offering service to others in our lives, no matter how big or small the action is.
Year 7 are currently preparing for Ninja Day 2016 coming up in Week 7! During class and Learning Enrichment, students are taking part in activities such as origami, learning History of Japan and history of Ninja's, Haiku poetry, making class flags, practising ninja games and more. Year 8 are also preparing for their big Pirate Day in Week 6!
St John Paul II/Terra Sancta Day is the biggest event for the College every year, celebrating our graduating students and the pride we all take in being members of the St John Paul II Catholic College community. Check out all the fun and great memories from StJPII/Terra Sancta Day this year!
We know that good relationships are the basis for learning and that anything that affects relationships [such as inappropriate behaviour] impacts on learning. However, we also need to challenge inappropriate behaviour in a way that can be experienced as an opportunity for learning. A major question we ask ourselves is, “How do you challenge students in a way that helps them think about their behaviour, yet still allow them to feel okay about themselves and you?” We believe that one of the answers to this question lies in Restorative Justice, a program that we have been using for many years now.
Check out all the upcoming events and opportunities offered by the Diocese of Parramatta over the next few months!
The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. According to an account by fifteenth-century Dominican, Alan de la Roch, Mary appeared to St. Dominic in 1206 after he had been praying and doing severe penances because of his lack of success in combating the Albigensian heresy. Mary praised him for his valiant fight against the heretics and then gave him the Rosary as a mighty weapon, explained its uses and efficacy, and told him to preach it to others.
On Friday, 23 September, staff and students of St John Paul II Catholic College gathered to watch the annual staff/students soccer match - StJPII Strikers vs Student FC. It was an extremely close game, where the lead continuously bounced between the two teams. With a draw in last year's game and the staff team "StJPII Strikers" winning in the last few years, the Student FC team were definitely out for victory. The staff were leading 2-1 after College Groundsman, Ashley Watts, made his first goal in 13 years of playing in the staff team. A very proud moment! Yet this was definitely motivation for the Student FC, as they then smashed out 3 more goals to take victory over the teachers!
Year 11 WYD Pilgrims and Vinnies Van students attended the Diocesan Mission Mass at St Patricks Cathedral Parramatta! This occasion precedes and highlights World Mission Sunday, the day traditionally set aside for Catholics to recommit themselves to the Church's missionary activity throughout the world.
On Wednesday, 12 October, our Year 11 Science students got a taste of university, participating in workshops at Western Sydney University - The College! Students experienced university-focused classes in a range of sciences offered at the University, including Biology, Senior Science, Physics and Chemistry.
Over the next 6 weeks, Years 7 - 9 students will be taking part in the Water Safety Program as part of their Integrated Sports. BOYS - Weeks 3, 4 & 5 GIRLS - Weeks 6, 7 & 8​ The program focuses on teaching students skills that will enable them to recognise dangerous situations, how to rescue others safely and other water safety skills. Students will work in groups based on their swimming ability and will only be able to attend if they have returned the Integrated Sports Note from Term 1. The program is run from Nirimba, therefore students will be transported by bus to and from the pools by bus and returned to the Schofields Campus for normal finish time. Students are to bring their swimmers, towel and sunscreen to participate in the program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the College Office on 9208 7200.
During the school holidays, Miss Vella and our talented Year 9 - 12 music students were busy in the studios recording for the annual "Kool Skools" Recording Project! Each year, our music students have the opportunity to write and produce original songs and record their own album for the big competition with other schools in the Diocese. We can't wait to hear what they have come up with!
With the HSC exams just about to begin, we wanted to let our Year 12 students know of a range of FREE HSC online chats that both UTS and Macquarie University will be holding across a number of subjects to give you a chance to ask last-minute questions and to clarify anything you may need!
On Tuesday, 20 September, hundreds of family and friends of our Year 12 Graduating Class of 2016 gathered at the Nirimba Hall to celebrate all of their achievements over the last 6 years at the College!
Last Friday, 16 September, the whole StJPII College and community gathered for our biggest day of the year - St John Paul II/Terra Sancta Day! St John Paul II/Terra Sancta Day is a College tradition that has continued for many years, celebrating the Year 12 students who have made their way to the end of their high school life as well as celebrating the amazing community that we share at St John Paul II Catholic College.
Last week both the St John Paul II Intermediate and Junior Girls soccer teams ventured out to Everely Park to compete in the semi-finals for their respective age groups. Unfortunately, the Intermediate Girls team lost a tough semi-final game to St Pat’s 2-0. The Junior Girls won their semi-final 1-0 in the last minute of extra time against Catherine McAuley with an excellent goal by Kahlani Johnston. As a result, the Junior Girls then proceeded to the Grand Final against a strong Woolwich team. After the fulltime whistle, the teams could not be separated with neither team scoring. This was the same after extra time was played and as a result, both teams were named joint MCCS Junior Girls Soccer Champions. Both teams made us really proud as coaches for their effort this season and were excellent representatives of the College.
On Tuesday the 13th of September year 11 Visual Design went on an excursion to Reverse Garbage at Marrickville. Students were excited to visit a warehouse full of random yet quirky items that were often forgotten or thrown out. The theme of the day was focused on the importance of Recycling but more so the value of Re-using items for new purposes and providing throwaway items with a new life (up-cycling). Students participated in a design challenge with a budget of $20 students were asked to find multiple items in the Reverse Garbage Warehouse and re-purpose these items focused on "face and functionality" which coincided with what students were learning in class. Overall the day was energetic, fun and educational. Students were inspired and innovative.
We all salute the Senior Girls Basketball Team, winning the MCCS Title for an unprecedented fourth consecutive year, two titles under the Terra Sancta College banner and two in St JPII colours. Our St JPII team, never letting Trinity into the game, winning 48-28, dominated the grand final. Also congratulations to our Intermediate and Junior girls teams for their amazing effort this season!
Last week,Year 8 students took part in a special Reflection Day around the theme, 'Mercy Through Love'. 'Endless Praise' were the fantastic group of presenters who took the students through the theme with a variety of activities, reflections, testimonies and music. Students were challenged to see mercy as an act of love and how they could apply this with each other and the wider community. The last session also looked at the charism of St John Paul II and his examples of mercy through compassion and forgiveness. The students had a great time!
Year 11 Standard and Advanced English classes in Term 3 are focusing on articulating and representing ideas about belonging in and through imaginative texts. Miss Sultana’s class have been working on developing their own imaginative compositions demonstrating an effective understanding of belonging through using a stimulus as a significant element. To achieve this, students viewed mentor texts in the form of top responses from the 2013 HSC Exam Workbook and broke down how the mentor texts successfully use a stimulus as an extended metaphor for the main conflict in the story. After this, students imitated this skill in their own compositions and shared their writing with each other.
On August 20-21, students joined others to help the less fortunate in our local community by door-knocking for donations in the Quakers Hill area at this year's Vinnies Doorknock Appeal. Well done to the StJPII students Alisha Anderson, Mitchell Brooks, Francinne Buenaagua, Georgina Davies, Rachel Gatt, Keshav Malik, Kyle Park, Ben Schembri, Sheridan Jackson and Joshua Straw who helped raise over $6,000!
On September 6, our Year 7 students pulled up their crazy socks to raise money for "Sock it to Poverty"! This 'Socktober' fundraiser is a Catholic Mission initiative to raise funds for the poor in Cambodia. Not only was it a fun day for the students, but it was for a great cause!
Last Tuesday, 30 August, Year 12 student Olivia Cochrane was awarded a Certificate of Excellence from our Schools Industry Partnership! This was as a result of achieving outstanding outcomes during her Hospitality work placements at Rockpool Bar and Grill, as well as Quay. Well done!
As we near the end of the term it is with mixed feelings that we farewell Year 12. There are a lot of ‘last times’ occurring for the students, their last lessons, their last Mass, their last time in homeroom. On Friday we celebrated Mass together at Terra Sancta Day and it was such a proud moment for the students and their families, years of hard work and commitment were mentioned by Father Rueben during the Mass and there were so many wonderful conversations happening at the morning tea afterwards that signified the sense of community and care for each other that is present within the Year 12 cohort.
Last week at the Year 12 Graduation Mass the College community and its guests inducted the St John Paul II Student Representative Council (SRC) members for 2017. The SRC aims to serve students at St John Paul II Catholic College in the provision of quality Catholic leadership, through a range of positive relationships based on Gospel values. SRC members are are involved in College assemblies, community events, liturgies, Mass, daily College life and initiating, leading and supporting programs within the school. The SRC plays an important role in nurturing and developing the leadership skills of College representatives.
By this time of the year each class has developed their own unique rhythm. Teachers know their students and students have by now adjusted to their teachers. how can you tell if your son or daughter is on track with their studies at the moment? Well, you could always ask them, but often a question that begins with, “How is school going?” ends with something like, “ok.” You will have a few clues to work with. To be successful a student does not have to be an Albert Einstein, organisation and working consistently are the real keys to success at school (and life in general) so the following may assist...
Last week we celebrated the Eucharist with our Year 12 for the last time together. The gospel reading was around the parable of The Lost Sheep. So he told them this parable: “Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it? When he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders and rejoices. And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.’...
Last week our Year 9 Photography students explored the environment of Sydney CBD as part of their current unit of work, Urban Environments. Students were asked to photograph examples of urban space, architecture and urban decay while enjoying the scenery of the city on the day.
On Friday, September 2, students and staff at StJPII were invited to wear a jersey during school to begin the conversation around organ donation in memory of Nathan Gremmo and to raise money for the Nathan Gremmo Community Fund. It was great to see so many students supporting a great cause and beginning the conversation!
Last Friday, three StJPII Human Services (Nursing) students graduated from Nepean Hospital with their Certificate III in Health Services Assistance! We would like to congratulate Francinne Buenaagua, Christine Gutierrez and Angelica Dalisay for all their hard work and commitment to their studies.
Each year StJPII celebrates RUOK? Day to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life. Here is a fantastic video by some Year 10 students about RUOK? Day!
On Thursday, 1 September, our Year 7 students gathered in their "realms" and took part in a fun day of games and activities based on their study, "Medieval Madness"!
The Diocese of Parramatta is required to appear before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Case Study 44. This public hearing is expected to begin on Monday 12 September 2016. For more information please refer to the Royal Commission website
In Term 3 Year 7 EHR classes are focusing on understanding film and how meaning is portrayed through different film techniques. Miss Turner’s and Mrs Madigan’s Year 7 classes work together each week in Co Teaching and have been working on developing their own iMovie, demonstrating their knowledge of all the different film techniques. Students took on roles in acting, directing and filming and were required to demonstrate the difference between high angle shot, panning, low angle shot, close up, extreme close up and many more technique in the iMovie. At the end of filming students enjoyed watching each other’s presentations and learnt a lot from the experience.
Term 3 Fees were due and payable by 22 August 2016. A reminder to those Parents/Caregivers who have not paid Term 3 fees and may require an extension of time please contact either Mrs Webb on 9208-7239 or Mr Andrew Noney on 9208-7238, urgently to make arrangements and therefore prevent receiving further reminder letters in the mail. Thank you to those Parents/Caregivers who have paid or who have made arrangements with us and are paying off their Term 3 school fees.
Year 9 and 10 students have recently concluded their formal exam block, Year 11 are about to start and of course the HSC begins after the next holidays. Exams are often a huge source of stress. The following excerpt from may be helpful. “Tackling exams: There are a whole bunch of things you can do to help you get through exams the best way you can.
Year 12 Studies of Religion students have been studying about Christianity and in particular about the significant person of Paul of Tarsus. One of the main parts of Paul’s life was the four journeys that Paul made to spread the Christian faith. For the students to understand this they were provided with a map of the Nirimba campus and given directions around the school to find information about the journeys of Paul. At the various stations the students read important information about the particular journey and the impact that it made on the faith. Students then used this information to form responses in preparation for their HSC exams.
An evacuation drill was carried out at the Schofields campus on Tuesday, 2 August. The evacuation drill tested the new evacuation alarm system. The alarm system and its sirens is the same system as the evacuation system we have at our Nirimba campus. The system is a wireless system powered by batteries and solar power and represents state of the art technology, with no wiring of speakers required.
On Tuesday, 23 August, three teams of StJPII students put themselves up to the challenge and spent 12 hours putting together three fantastic books for the Write a Book in a Day Competition!
It’s been 2 weeks since returning to school after the life changing experience that was World Youth Day 2016. The dust has seemingly settled and I’m back to the daily ritual of life. It’s hard to put 3 weeks of great experiences into a few short words. From our home Diocese of Parramatta to the provinces devastated by the 2013 earthquakes in Bohol, Philippines, to the buzzing hub of WYD that was Krakow, Poland - the theme of mercy was well and truly alive. But what is mercy? It’s a word that I myself often find hard to define. Perhaps I can share my understanding of mercy through sharing my experiences and reflections...
Year 12 students have received their UAC Guides and are now in the process of finalising their UAC entries for 2017. To familiarise themselves with the UAC Guide students can follow these simple steps...
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It has been announced that Mrs Kathy Cairns has submitted her resignation as Assistant Principal, effective from the end of this year. Kathy is looking for some other challenges in her life and while stepping down as Assistant Principal, she may look at remaining in education in some form. We are sure that you will feel a great sense of loss as Kathy has been an exceptional leader and staff member. She is an inspiration to all of us. We will make sure we farewell her properly prior to the end of the year.
On Wednesday, 17 August, 15 girls from StJPII travelled to Blacktown Olympic Park to compete against other schools in the Diocese at the PDSSSC Athletics Carnival. The students represented themselves and the College exceptionally, worked as a team and supported one another the entire day!
For us Catholics, during this Year of Mercy, there are important questions that we should be asking ourselves. How do we as Catholics respond to God’s mercy and love? Are we open to Mercy in our lives? Is our relationship with God visible in the way we treat those around us, in particular the most vulnerable? This encounter with the Merciful Father must also be an encounter with others- those who are the least among us and live at the peripheries and margins of our society. In a special way, to encounter migrants and refugees both within our communities but also those abroad.
The St John Paul II SRC has been working hard in everyday College life. Recently the newly elected Year 7 SRC students have experienced leading the College in the daily Angelus prayer, having been guided through this process by existing SRC students. It has been excellent to see the SRC working together and helping one another in their roles. In recent weeks Year 8 students were able to nominate themselves to be part of the SRC for 2017 and 2018. It was excellent to hear students express their desire to join the SRC in the hope of being a positive voice for their peers.
Year 9 and 10 students have hit the ground running this term with many great things happening. Students have just completed their exams and the Leader of Learning, Stage 5, Miss Cairns and Student Learning Liaisons Miss Jessica Idone and Mr Brendan Ford congratulate Year 9 and 10 students on their great efforts and hard work in the recent weeks in completing their exams. Year 9 have been busy with Multicultural Day and their recent Marian Expo. Year 10 students have just submitted their first round of subject selections for year 11, 2017. Exciting times lie ahead for these students as we work to finalise their subject choices for next year.
The Western Sydney Apprenticeship and Traineeship Expo 2016, on Tuesday 6 September, is the perfect opportunity for students and job seekers to talk with over 100 potential employers and training providers.
​The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) collects data from schools to determine the Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA). CEDP is currently working to provide relevant details to the Catholic Education Commission of NSW (CEC). The notice explains what kind of data ACARA requests from non-government schools directly and how the data are managed.
After 8 months of hard work and preparation we finally were able to showcase the talents of our students in the musical "Back to the 80's". We would like to thank the school community for their constant support. Not by only attending but by bringing your family and friends along as well! We saw new friendships being made and stars born. We hope we have given those students involved, a high school memory that they will never forget.
Year 7 have found some very exciting and interesting ways to learn about water cycles and sustainability! Miss Goodwin's class has created a slowmation movie and Miss Noney's class has performed experiments to make their own discoveries!
On Monday July 25 over 550 families attended the Parent/Caregiver/Teacher/Student Interview day. This was an excellent opportunity for parents/caregivers to show their students the importance of education and to assist teachers to reinforce that message.
It has definitely been a busy first two terms of the year for all of our students, but it's always a little more exciting for those Year 7 students who have just began their high school journey. Jordan shares with us all the adventures and challenges of Year 7 so far as we reach half way in 2016.
Every second Friday throughout the Term, selected staff hold Friday Morning Prayer in the Schofields Prayer Room for all students, staff and parents/caregivers to attend. Everyone in the StJPII community is invited to share a short 10 minutes with us, to stop, reflect and pray!
The Broken Bay Diocese recently announced significant increases to their school fees in some schools which were widely broadcast in the media recently. Please note that these increases do not affect our Diocese or school. Term 3 fees were posted out on Monday, 25 July 2016 and fall due/payable by Monday, 22 August 2016. Please contact Jean Webb on 9208-7239 if you have not received your statement.
Check out the upcoming events and opportunities offered within the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta over the next couple of months!
From 2020, in order to be eligible for the HSC, students will be required to reach a minimum literacy and numeracy standard. The standard is set at the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Level 3, which is a nationally agreed standard of functional literacy and numeracy. Students can demonstrate that they meet the standard by achieving either...
Last Sunday in my parish we celebrated Marriage and Family Sunday, where we remember, honour and pray for all marriages and families. In this year of Mercy, we reflect upon Pope Francis’ teaching in Amoris Laetita [The Joy of Love] on forgiveness in marriage. He tells us that we need to not focus on what the rules are, but rather focus on how to live, how to cultivate virtues and how to love one another.
Each year Blacktown City Council provide two free plants per household to be collected. If you have not yet collected your free plants and don't think you will use them, why not consider donating the plants to the College? Information here.
The 2016 Vinnies Doorknock Appeal is taking place on August 20 - 21 and you're invited! Gather a group of friends and family and donate a few hours of your time fundraising for those in our community less fortunate. More information and permission note is available here.
On Wednesday, 27 July, parents/caregivers, students and staff gathered for the Stage 4 & 5 Semester One Award Ceremonies, where students were recognised for their academic achievements and great efforts from throughout the year so far.
The College is excited to introduce a new communication service for parents/caregivers to more easily access important information. “Skoolbag” is a smartphone application that allows parents/caregivers to easily access a range of information about the College from a smartphone or device!
Last week our StJPII World Youth Day pilgrims did some amazing mission work in Bohol, Philipines and have now arrived in Kraków, Poland for WYD 2016! Catch up on the mission work and adventures they have been on so far, including their visit to a very important place of St John Paul II.
Today our Year 12 Chemistry students became investigators at the Australian National Maritime Museum! The students had a very informative tour of the museum, the Royal Australian Navy gun ship "HMAS Vampire" and submarine "Onslow", learning about the various metals and chemical/physical techniques used in construction, before investigating the conservation and restoration of the anchor from "Sirius" that sank in 1790.
On the last day of Term 2, Year 9 gathered for their annual Multicultural Day where they performed dances, shared food and learnt facts about many different countries! Check it out.
During Learning Enrichment in Term 2, some Year 8 students visited Quakers Hill Nursing Home and spent some time with the residents! Students had the opportunity to chat and share stories with the residents, play games, give Mother's Day card/gifts and even share new technology with them.
Congratulations to our Open Girls Netball Team who won the MCCS Open Girls Basketball Championships against Trinity Catholic College, 32-21!
Six Year 12 St John Paul II students have been guaranteed a spot in Western Sydney University and granted a study scholarship after completing university courses with flying colours during their preliminary studies last year! The WSU Celebration Ceremony held on Wednesday, 22 June, invited family, friends, students and staff to celebrate the achievements of the students as they received their certificates and scholarship offers.
On Wednesday, 22nd June, St John Paul II Catholic College took an under 16’s girls Futsal team to compete in the Dural Regional Futsal Championships. From the start of the competition our team showed a great desire to work together, win the ball and compete fairly. The students had a great day and really enjoyed their first experience of Futsal!
Last Thursday, 16 June, our Year 12 students had a field day exploring the many opportunities, organisations and available resources for their future at the Western Sydney Careers Expo! The Careers Expo held over 140 exhibitions including universities, TAFE colleges and training providers, employers and employment services, careers counsellors, apprenticeship information and opportunities, HSC resources and more.
The year 7 students are currently studying balanced and unbalanced forces in their MSP subject. 7.01, 7.03 and 7.04 went outside to play tug a war to discover how the balanced an unbalanced forces were acting in the game of tug a war!
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On Thursday 9th of June Year 11 had their first Semester Awards, held in the Nirimba hall. This award ceremony acknowledges students who have demonstrated the qualities of citizenship, excellent attendance and consistently giving of their personal best across all their classes. Year 12 have had a busy Term 2. The highlight of the term has been the retreat at Collaroy. Students spent three days together discovering the “Treasure Within” as this was the theme of the retreat. Students are busy preparing for their fast approaching HSC Trial Exams which commence in Term 3, Week 3. Students have holiday tutorials to attend during their study break. It is with great pride that we look at the wonderful things that are occurring within the cohort, we have such an amazing group of young people.
As part of the Year 9 Chemistry unit, students have been investigating elements of the periodic table using 'Augmented Reality’. Augmented Reality is technology that merges real life with computer generated content in real time!
The St John Paul II Catholic College SRC has had a busy end to the term. Over the last few weeks hopeful future Year 7 SRC nominees have been involved in presenting speeches to their peers and 4 peers have been selected! SRC members Isabella Williams, Omosa Erhunmwunse, Cormac Lamb, Alisha Anderson, Francinne Buenaagua and Ryan Baker all volunteered their time to join in this community service during the Staff Evangelisation Retreat Day and On Thursday the 16th of June, at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta, our College Leaders Francinne Buenaagua and Cormac Lamb with Mr Smith and Mr Fanning represented the College at the Liturgical Reception and Solemn Mass of Installation of Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv DD as the fourth Bishop of Parramatta!
The month of July is dedicated to The Precious Blood of Jesus. The entire month falls within the liturgical season of Ordinary Time, which is represented by the liturgical colour green. This symbol of hope is the colour of the sprouting seed and arouses in the faithful the hope of reaping the eternal harvest of heaven, especially the hope of a glorious resurrection.
In Week 7, Miss Vella's Year 11 Music students were working hard in the studios recording the 2017 school song! Each year, our talented Year 11 music students write and produce a new school song to represent their grade in their final year as HSC students at St John Paul II. We can't wait to hear it!
Parents/Caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend the Parent/Caregiver/Student/Teacher interviews that will be held from 8 am to 8 pm on Monday July 25. These interviews are an opportunity to discuss the progress of the student and any matters arising from the Semester 1 report. It is also an opportunity for affirmation of students who are really achieving well and discussions on how they can enhance their learning. As Year 10 students are in the process of selecting their subjects for 2017 this is also an opportune time to be discussing choices with subject teachers or key staff.
On Tuesday, 14 June, the staff of St John Paul II Catholic College gathered at the Benedict XVI RetreatCentre in Grose Wold for their annual Staff Evangelisation Retreat Day. The activities of the day was based around the Face of Mercy through Service. Staff members went out into the local community for part of the day to do some volunteer work with local organisations and concluded the day with a special mass with Fr Oliver!
The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta has recently launched the "Cyberwise" campaign about using technology safely and wisely with 3 things to remember - be safe, be respectful, be responsible! Check it out. ‪#‎cyberwise‬ ‪#‎cybersafety‬
A student's school attendance is crucial to their learning and development at the College. This article provides an insight into the importance of school attendance, as well as processes and procedures that need to be followed for different lengths of absences from school. Definitely worth a read!
Stage 5 have had a very exciting start to Term 2 and have a lot ahead of them to look forward too! Year 9 have so far taken part in ANZAC Day ceremonies, the Athletics Carnival and NAPLAN tests as well as now beginning their Multicultural Day projects. Year 10 are looking ahead to the next step of their education as they look into subject selections for 2017! Students have been taking part in "Tastes of Nirimba" to get a feel of new subject opportunities before they attend the big Subject Selection Evening on 28 June.
As we continue to grow and learn in this Year of Mercy, students were asked to write a persuasive text about someone inspiring in the Australian community who exemplifies God's Mercy and shows it to others. In this competition students were challenged to persuade a panel of teachers as to why they're specific person should be awarded the 2016 Year of Mercy Award. We had a large number of students who entered the competition who all received a certificate of participation for their fantastic pieces of writing.
The Nirimba Education Precinct now has it's own Facebook page! Our Year 11-12 students are located within the Precinct, where they have the opportunity to undertake pathway programs into TAFE and university. Like the Facebook page for updates, news and opportunities! Search Nirimba Education Precinct on Facebook, or go to
‘Building Child Safe Communities’ is a new initiative developed by Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta that enhances our commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students in our care. It is now a requirement that all volunteers and contractors complete an online undertaking form that confirms expectations in relation to behaviour whilst volunteering or contracting at schools, Catholic Out of Schools Hours Care and Catholic Early Learning Centres.
Learning & snowball fights in one sentence? Here's how it's done... Students were given the sentence "There are different forms of energy..." and had to write a response. They then scrunched up their paper and on the teachers’ count threw the ball into the air. They then picked up a ball which was closest to them and responded to the other responses by adding their own. Read more about this and other great teaching and learning strategies!
During Term 1 and 2 we have had many teams competing in the MCS and MCCS every Thursday, including our soccer teams, netball teams, water polo and many others. All teams have represented the school with pride and we are proud of all their efforts. The most notable result so far this season is the Junior Girl Volleyball team reaching the semi finals and our Netball teams' victorious day against Bethlehem Catholic College. We have also had a number of Individual Sport Representatives over the last 5 School Weeks. Also check out the house points results from our swimming carnival, cross country and athletics carnival!
After many months of waiting we have a new Bishop for the diocese. His Holiness Pope Francis recently appointed the Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen O.F.M. Conv. DD, as the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Parramatta. Bishop Long Van Nguyen comes to the Diocese with a rich understanding of the challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism in western Sydney.
Year 11 students got a "behind the scenes" look at insurance claims with visitor and Sydney Insurance Lawyer, Ingrid Woon, who gave a presentation on Insurance claims and how Insurance companies handle civil action claims for compensation as a result of traffic accidents and future court cases.
Introducing the 2016 College Musical - Back to the 80's! Click here for all the details, dates and ticket sales for one of our biggest productions yet.
The assessment and reporting period is well upon us and you may have noticed your child completing assignments and studying for tests. Please continue to encourage your child to dedicate time and effort to this important home study that complements their learning in class. Year 10 will be completing their subject selections for Year 11, 2017, early term 3 so this report will be a useful guide and one of the many tools we provide to help them make these important subject choices. Finally, the transition to full winter uniform has now occurred and it is expected that all students are appropriately groomed in full winter uniform each day.
The latest Careers Report looks at the upcoming Careers Expo our Year 12 students will soon be attending as well as the adventures and decisions coming up for our Year 11, 2017 students (Year 10, 2016)
Last month, Year 12 Biology students went to the Museum of Human Disease at The University of NSW (UNSW) as a part of the unit 'Search for Better Health'. Students were introduced to the topic by learning about different classifications of disease, causes of disease and viewing specimens of different conditions in the body.
On 25 May, staff, students and community members of the Nirimba Education Precinct gathered for the annual Reconciliation Ceremony in celebration of Reconciliation Week. Everyone placed a coloured, wooden hand into the grass where a turtle had been drawn. The colours of the hands represented the Aboriginal colours, red, yellow and black, and the Torres Strait Islander colours, blue, green and white. Each member of the ceremony symbolically added a hand into the "Sea of Hands" that had come together by the end of the ceremony. The "Sea of Hands" represented the coming together of the community and a sign of amendments.
Read more for events and opportunities within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.
Divine Mercy has been called "the greatest grassroots movement in the history of the Catholic Church" and has changed millions of lives. But what is Divine Mercy? What is this thing that gets to the heart of Sacred Scripture and to the very centre of our faith? To begin, mercy is "love's second name," as John Paul II said. It's a particular kind of love, a particular mode of love when it encounters suffering, poverty, brokenness, and sin. Divine Mercy is when God's love meets us and helps us in the midst of our suffering and sin.
Our school has been lucky enough to have been chosen to take part in the 2016 Kool Skools Music Program! Kool Skools is an exciting Recording and Multimedia Project for secondary level students. It promotes, develops and supports a diverse range of talent and all genres of contemporary music writings and performance. Kools Skools is a heap of fun but it is also highly educational and great workplace training experience for young people too. It's not just about making 'Pop Stars' - the project offers the added benefits of schooling students in the recording, promotion and marketing of music and working as a team, an education that assists them with any future business or project based activity. Would you like to be involved?
Students of StJPII turned into sports stars and athletes on Tuesday, 3 May, as they hit the tracks and sporting fields at Blacktown International Sports Park for their annual Athletics Sports Carnival! Each year, all students from Years 7 - 12 gather for a day full of sports, fun and team spirit. Students have the opportunity to compete in sprinting, relays, long jump, triple jump, shot put and more! For those who aren’t competing for a place in the championships, students participate in aim of earning the most house points for participation for their house. The crowd stands are coloured in blue, red, green and white as students dress to support their house and cheer on their peers. Brady came first place on the points board at 1051, followed by Locke at 861, Therry at 826 and Cross at 644!
On Friday, 29 April, Year 11 and Year 12 Studies of Religion classes attended the "Studies of Religion Conference" at Western Sydney University, Nirimba. This event was created to assist students within the Diocese of Parramatta with their preparation for the HSC.
Our Year 12 Visual Arts students have been working very hard towards their HSC major body of work with great enthusiasm and pride! Mrs Brooks says that the students understand that "great art takes time." This year we have 17 students that have been working on their pieces since Term 4, 2015, and are now heading towards the finish line where they will submit their final work in August.
To learn or to have a tea party - why not both? A tea party is when students create both an inner and outer circle, facing each other. Each student is armed with an interesting fact about the current topic which they share with the person standing in front of them. The students partake in educational discussions about their new found information using accountable talk and are then asked to move around the circle and share their information and discuss with someone new.
Each year St John Paul II Catholic College comes together during the time of Lent to support Caritas Australia with Project Compassion. This year the StJPII community were challenged to raise $7000 in support of the "Learning More, Creating Change" campaign for Project Compassion 2016. The College has raised $7,971.40 to be exact!
Last Thursday, 28 April, the College reflected on the time of the ANZACs at three very intimate ANZAC ceremonies held with the three Stages. Students respectfully attended their Stage ceremonies and listened to some inspiring history and stories from the time. Each Stage ceremony was lucky to have a special presenter from the Nirimba Naval Association of Australia to share their thoughts and experiences in honour of the ANZACs.
Last Thursday, 5 May, Stage 6 gathered at the Nirimba hall with family and friends for the Year 12 Semester One Awards. Semester Awards recognise students for their academic achievements as well as overall effort with Stage Awards since they began Year 12 in Term 4 last year. This is the last award ceremony for Year 12 before they attend their Graduation Ceremony at the end of Term 3. We congratulate Year 12 on their efforts so far this year and wish them luck as they head into the last two terms of their high school years!
Year 7 2016 have now completed their very first term of high school at St John Paul II Catholic College! Year 7 students Nicole Azzi and Faith Estrada tell us all about their experiences within their first time of high school, including their first swimming carnival, Year 7 Camp and project compassion fund raising.
As the year progresses, students in Year 11 and 12 are beginning to receive feedback about how they are achieving in their subjects. In some cases students may be considering subject changes. Many students have chosen courses that qualify for ATAR and they are not coping. Students are always advised to study subjects they are interested in and for many, an ATAR is not needed. Only students who intend to attend University straight from school need an ATAR. Read more for frequently asked questions about ATARs!
Put your phone away when I’m talking to you. Don’t text while you’re driving—not even at red lights. Stop posting photos of me without my permission. Think these are rules parents have for their children? Think again. They’re some of the rules for internet and phone use that, given the chance, children would set for their parents. For a new study researchers surveyed 249 families with children between the ages of 10 and 17 and asked about their household’s most important technology rules and expectations, as well as what made those rules easier or harder to follow. The researchers say the study is among the first to explore children’s expectations for parents’ technology use.
You are about to go on a journey... A journey back to a time when Michael Jackson and Rick Astley were the Kings of Pop... A journey back to a time when bubble skirts and blue eye shadow were cool... A journey back to a time when the Atari was cutting edge technology... That's right dudes... you are about to go on a journey... St John Paul II Catholic College is pleased to announce that rehearsals have started for this year’s musical “ Back to the 80’s”.
On Wednesday, 27 April, 60 students from Years 7 - 12 were recognised at the first RISE UP Merit Morning Tea for 2016! Throughout the year, students can receive merits for either of the RISE UP behaviours, including Respect, Integrity, Safety, Effort, Uniform (and equipment) and Punctuality.
St. Joseph has two feast days on the liturgical calendar. The first is March 19—Joseph, the Husband of Mary. The second is May 1—Joseph, the Worker. There is very little about the life of Joseph in Scripture but still, we know that he was the chaste husband of Mary, the foster father of Jesus, a carpenter and a man who was not wealthy. We also know that he came from the royal lineage of King David. We can see from his actions in scripture that Joseph was a compassionate man, and obedient to the will of God. He also loved Mary and Jesus and wanted to protect and provide for them.
Five St John Paul II students from Year 12 have recently received their results after completing a university course at the Australian Catholic University called "Step Up Into Teaching"! After being accepted through the application process of the program, Danielle Gatt, Rachel Gatt, Emma-Jane Missio, Caitlin Williams and Sarah-Jane Murray all spent one week at the university during school holidays, completing university level study and assignments with other students selected in the program from around NSW.
This ANZAC Day students from our senior Student Representative Council joined other StJPII students and Mrs Sundstrom for the annual ANZAC Day March and Dawn Service at Riverstone RSL.
Last week our Year 7 students went off to their first high school Camp at Yarramundi! Students had the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones, challenge themselves and create friendships with their new peers.
On Sunday hundreds of staff, students, pilgrims, families and parishioners gathered at Parramatta for the annual Palm Sunday procession! Our 6 pilgrims Johanna, Jeremiah, Amanda, Clinton, Mariel and Jesse were joined by Ms Johnstone, Mr Wijesekera and Mr Lara as they made their way down Church Street bearing our schools banner whilst joining the many future pilgrims in song. The waving flags and seemingly large crowd was just a taste of what the pilgrims could expect in Krakow, Poland!
Check out all the action that took place at the StJPII 2016 Open Afternoon/Evening. Hundreds of families and students from our local community gathered at the College to explore the fantastic opportunities and facilities they could be a part of as they look forward to their high school years. Did you miss out? Call us today to book a campus tour!
Read about the fantastic learning and teaching strategies taking place in Year 7 learning such as "Think-Pair-Share", gallery walks and other cooperative teaching strategies throughout EHR and MSP. Students are gaining confidence in sharing their ideas with peers as well as their whole class!
Term 1 has been busy and exciting for Stage 6 with Year 11 beginning their preliminary studies, Year 12 completing exams, Year 11 Science excursions and Year 12 receiving their personalised jerseys!
In the lead up to Easter, Miss Camilleri's 8.03 class and our World Youth Day pilgrims have performed The Stations of the Cross at both Mary Immaculate Primary School and St Joseph's Primary School!
The StJPII Kool Schools Album, "Progression" is now available to purchase! The award winning album features songs from several years gone by at the College and includes students from Years 7 - 12 in 2015.
Last Wednesday, 9 March, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Wyndham College and St John Paul II Catholic College gathered at the NEP Green Skills Hub for the annual Koori Welcome Lunch! Each year, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Committee organises a lunch to welcome new ATSI high school students within the Nirimba Education Precinct into the program.
Following on from information presented in the last newsletter, we present below some hypothetical scenarios regarding absence that some parents may come across. Some Dos and Don’ts are presented to assist with managing these kinds of situations.
Holy Week Mass Times at Our Local Parishes can be found here, including details for Mary Immaculate Quakers Hill, St John's Riverstone and more...
In the Gospel reading we hear at the blessing of the palms, Mark tells us that Jesus rode on a borrowed donkey. Kings and conquerors made grand entrances into cities on well-bred horses or in horse-drawn chariots. But what kind of king makes his triumphal entrance on a borrowed donkey? Borrowed things are a feature of Jesus’ whole life. He was born in a borrowed stable, wrapped up and placed in a borrowed manger. Having “nowhere to lay his head”, he slept in borrowed accommodation. He celebrated his farewell meal in a borrowed room, died on a borrowed cross and was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb.
The QCS survey provides information about our school’s cultural behaviour, relationships and learning community, and assists us in our focus on continuous improvement. Between 21 March and 1 April 2016 all staff and all Year 7 to 12 students, and 60 randomly-selected parents/caregivers will be asked to complete an online survey.
On Thursday, 3 March, Year 7 students and their Year 10 Peer Support Leaders gathered for a BBQ sausage sizzle and games to celebrate the completion of their Peer Support Program. The students had a fantastic time and left the program with new friends and new confidence!
Kahoot is a great way to review work done previously in class. The Kahoot is made before class by the teacher and is then used in the first 1o minutes of class to review the work. A question is posed to students on the board and they select a multiple choice answer on their iPad. Students love to get involved and compete against each other in this game!
Stage 5 are off to a great start in 2016. Year 9 have a entered the world of Google Apps for education. Year 10 have been continuing their work with Peer Support, helping year 7 in their transition to high school. During Learning Enrichment on the 3/3 students will be having guest speakers from Caritas Australia and The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation.
Each year, the top HSC music performances from the previous year are called together to showcase their successful pieces in a production called "Encore" to students who will be preparing their major HSC music pieces in the next couple of years.
Last Wednesday, 24 February, all staff and students from the College gathered at St Patrick's Church, Blacktown, for the 2016 College Opening Mass. This year's theme was "my life is in your hands, deliver me O'Lord".
The ICT (Information and Communications Technology) team can happily say that every student in the College is now equipped with a device! In the recent weeks students have been introduced to new technologies, applications and learning techniques with the help of ICT.
On Monday, 22 February, staff and students from St John Paul II Catholic College gathered at the Nirimba Education Precinct Swimming Pool for the annual StJPII Swimming Carnival. Students came to the event with great enthusiasm and team spirit!
"Lent beckons us to ‘rouse ourselves,’ to remind ourselves that, simply put, we are creatures, that we are not God.” - Pope Francis, Homily, 5 March 2014. In this Lenten reflection we look at the focus, the challenge, the action and the question.
Last week Mrs Crawford's Year 9 Child Studies had some very LITTLE visitors. As part of their unit around caring for newborns, the students had the opportunity to experience bathing and dressing the little visitors, Aiden (1 year old) with Melissa Peroni, Lucia (1 year old) with Belinda Cavallaro and Charli (6 months old) with her sister Melissa Dunn from the class.
The office staff advises parents to please send a note to school with their children if they plan to pick them up early so they can have permission to leave class at the time indicated by their parents. There is a large amount of lost property that has been collected and kept in the Schofields Office, please have your children check the office for their belongings.
As I write this I am pleased to acknowledge many of the 2015 student cohort are now “making their way in the world”. I am happy to advise students and parents/caregivers that the college continues subscription to the comprehensive and well regarded careers website MHSCareers.
The SRC have been busy so far this year with many events and fundraising happening around the college!
The Public Speaking season has begun with a great show from the students at St John Paul II. On Friday the 26th February 2016 our 10 strong team headed to Bede Polding College, South Windsor to represent our school in the opening round of the CSDA Public Speaking competition.
Latest research shows clearly that school success is strongly linked to school attendance. Not only do students learn new things at school every day, they develop resilience and other social skills that contribute to positively to mental health.
On Monday February 15 Year 11 Biology and Senior Science students attended a field study at Penrith Lakes. The field study is linked to their first unit on the local ecosystem and it will be followed up with a linked assessment task.
As students progress throughout their education new technologies and ways of learning are introduced. This week Year 7 and Year 9 participated in two very important days, Year 7 My iPad Day and Year 9 My Mac Day, in order to learn how to make the most of technology throughout the next stages of their education.
Mr Lara, Mr Wijesekeera and a few of Year 12 students prepared the food at Merrylands and headed out to Mount Druitt and Parramatta last Wednesday for the first Vinnies Van of the year. Helping with the Vinnies Van is a very rewarding and humbling experience. There will be opportunities for staff and students (of a certain age) to train for Vinnies Van throughout the year.
As part of the Learning Continuum Year 7 and Stage 4 are focused on Cooperative Learning which involves teaching students interpersonal and small group skills. Social skills must be taught in order for Cooperative Learning to be successful.
On Wednesday, 10 February, students and staff of St John Paul II Catholic College gathered for an Ash Wednesday liturgy at both campuses to receive their ashes and reflect on the importance of such an event in the Catholic calendar.
Students in Year 11 Biology and Senior Science are all studying the local ecosystem in their first Unit. It is a time when students learn about the links between all living things and the environment and the effects that humans have on the environment.
On Monday, 8 February the College welcomed all the new Year 7 students and their families for the 2016 Year 7 Welcome BBQ. Families met their child's teachers, learnt about the adventures ahead of them and ended with a BBQ and entertainment.
Starting off the year is always an exciting time at the College. The Stage 4 team aims to help students feel safe, happy and stimulated at St John Paul II Catholic College by giving them the best start for their exciting journey through secondary school. Take a look at what they have been up to so far!
Each year St John Paul II Catholic College invites ex students from the previous year who achieved high results in their HSC to be acknowledged by the College for their great efforts and success.
RISE UP is an acronym for a positive behaviour management approach at St John Paul II Catholic College. Each letter stands for an aspect of behaviour that we wish to support.
As we come to a very important time in the Catholic Calendar, we learn and reflect on the true meaning of Ash Wednesday and the ashes we receive on the day.
The PATHE@MASSEY information sessions are designed to provide details about the resources and services that Western Sydney University and PATHE offer for Massey University students studying via distance learning.
Find here important information regarding obtaining and using the School Opal Card that has been in action from 27 January, 2016 for all eligible students.
St John Paul II Catholic College welcomed over 200 new students as they begun their first day of high school at the College last Thursday, 28 January. Students met their teachers, made new friends and took part in the Starfish Ceremony!
Last Friday, the Year 9 students took part in a very special tradition at the College called the Butterfly Ceremony. The students gathered for a liturgy, where stories and readings were shared around the idea of taking the next step in their lives and created their own unique butterfly that they placed in their learning area.
The teacher accreditation landscape is changing as the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) continues to work on implementing the Teacher Accreditation Act.
CAPTIVATE is holding three information evenings, starting at 6pm, for parents and students who are interested in learning more about the 2016 Hub School program.
Now Mr Murray and his family have donated $2,500 for the second time this year for the College to continue growing our music department and assisting students in 2016!
Throughout this year several St John Paul II Catholic College students were involved in recording music projects in conjunction with a statewide school project entitled "Kool Schools." StJPII were presented with two major awards and many nominations!
On Wednesday, 18 November, Year 7 staff and students came together for their annual Ninja Day! In the lead up students created their clans, decorated their rooms and learnt everything Japan. On the day they battled it out in the amazing race and capture-the-flag before learning some martial arts.
As Year 11 2015 now become the HSC students of 2016, they have been adapting and preparing for what's ahead of them in these last few weeks! Students also attended the Ryda Driver Safety Day. We also congratulate Year 12 2015 on completing their HSC and look forward to seeing them at the pizza lunch on Wedneday Week 11.
On Monday, 15 November, Year 8 put on their eye patches and picked up their swords for their annual Pirate Day! On the day students came in their best pirate gear, ready to battle it out in games and activities as they represented their mascots.
Recently the SRC and Sport leaders for 2016 got together to embrace their roles assigned for 2016 over two days of activities, planning and bonding as a team!
The 2016 School Fees details are now available on our website.
Our HSC Visual Arts (Year 11 of 2015) are currently studying a new unit titled "Site-specific." Students have been learning about the value of "meaning and interpretations over material practice". For the past week site-specific works have been on display around the school grounds, allowing our staff and students to observe and interpret the works themselves.
Blended Learning allows students to learn, at least in part, through the delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media and allows students to have more control over the time and pace for learning.
Last week was the Year 10 and 11 Music Showcase! This evening was an opportunity for the students to showcase their fantastic work from throughout 2015 to their friends and families. We definitely have some talent at the College!
Check out the latest vacant positions, opportunities and events taking place within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta!
Year 8 students have been learning about wool, the process of wool production and its properties. The Year 8 Textiles Technology class created their own "fabric" by felting wool tops, then decorated and hand sewed a cover for their iPads!
Recently, students joined Miss Vella in visiting the Quakers Hill Nursing Home and gave the residents some great entertainment with a mini concert!
A major learning and pastoral focus of St John Paul II each year is making sure that every student is at school every day possible and in class for every minute possible. Check out what will be implemented at the College to support "Every Day Counts" as well as upcoming interview details.
In 2015 the Advent focus at St John Paul II Catholic College is on how God has shown us mercy and how we are called to show mercy to others. Advent is the antidote to the pressure-packed frenzy that marks the build-up to the Christmas season in our secular society.
The link to the booking website for the Year 7-11 Student/Parent/Caregiver/Teacher Interviews from 8am - 10.30am on Wednesday, 16 December can be found here.
This evening was an opportunity for the students to showcase their fantastic work from throughout 2015 to their friends and families.
Back in September, Bailey and Annalese from the Year 11 Agriculture class sowed a small plot of wheat in the College Agriculture Plot. Last week it was ready to be harvested!
Check out this awesome video from Year 9's day with Chris Doyle, where he ran a program that gave the students an opportunity to bond with their peers and step out of their comfort zone.
Year 9 have played a big role in welcoming our new students for 2016 after they took part in Peer Support Leader Training and guided the new students on their Transition Day. Year 10 look back on their recent Reflection Days and look forward to heading over to the senior campus next year!
The College Road Safety & Transport Management Policy has been updated for 2015 with the most recent requirements, precautions and procedures for the safety of our College community in our surrounding areas. Please revise.
The StJPII community would like to congratulate Year 12 2015 on all of their hard work, effort and commitment throughout their years of schooling as they finish their HSC.
In Stage 5 teenagers generally become disengaged in learning. Active Leaning aims to combat this by making learning engaging through active learning strategies. Active Learning focuses the responsibility for learning on learners.
Biennially, Worldskills Australia provides an opportunity for VET in schools (VETiS) students to participate in the WorldSkills Competition. We had students compete in both the Hospitality Commercial Cookery Competition and the Entertainment Competition as nominated by their teachers, with each awarded participation certificates for their outstanding performance.
Attendance at school provides children with opportunities to develop the basic skills for learning, and assists in the development of social skills including communication, self-esteem, teamwork and friendship building. The Australian Government recently conducted a detailed study of the relationship between attendance at school and student achievement.
Don’t throw out old uniforms - students have the opportunity to sell their Terra Sancta or St John Paul II uniforms back to the Uniform Shop! The uniform shop is open on Tuesdays from 8am - 2.30pm and Thursdays from 9am - 3.30pm at Rose Cottage (Schofields Campus).
Co Teaching (Co-operative Teaching) is a technique used throughout all levels of education, and also used at the College. The technique includes two classes joining together for a lesson to share their knowledge with the other class in group activities. Year 8 students told us what they think about the teaching technique after one of their Co Teaching lessons!
Earlier this year the College Intranet was introduced to the College. The Parents section of the intranet provides parents and caregivers with essential information about students' learning and well being, including information on your children's lessons, homework, assessments and more!
Last week Music, Dance, Drama and Entertainment students in Year 11 (and some selected 9/10's) had the opportunity to see "Matilda" the musical as part of their musical theatre, acting, elements of production and choreography units.
In the last few weeks, StJPII Year 8 students have had the opportunity to visit our feeder primary schools for the Leading Learning Program. This program allows students to make valuable learning connections with Year 5 students as they meet in small groups, chat, make friends and participate in fun activities.
On Monday, 26 October, St John Paul II Catholic College welcomed over 200 new students to the Schofields Campus for their Year 7 2016 Transition Day. Before entering the world of high school in 2016, students were invited to attend a day at the College where they had the opportunity to meet their new teachers and their new peers.
Expand your imagination by reading this summer and you could win an iPad mini!
St Francis has recently spoken to us about refugees, family, religious tolerance and respect for our environment. These three issues enter our lives everyday. "God did not want to come into the world other than through a family," pope Francis said, referring to Jesus' birth to Mary. "That is why the family is the living symbol of the loving plan of which the Father once dreamed," he said.
This year St John Paul II Catholic College Dr. Victor Chang Award recipient was Shafiqa Hussain in recognition of her exceptional achievement in her Science studies.
On Friday, 23 October, Year 11 students and parents gathered in the Nirimba Hall for the Stage 6 Year 11 Semester Two Awards! Here students were recognised for their academic achievements in the second semester as well as special awards for Stage 6, university achievements, creative arts, debating/public speaking, sports excellence and more.
Today Year 10 staff and students gathered in the Co-operative Learning Space to celebrate mass in honour of St John Paul II. This was the very first Feast Day for the Saint to be celebrated in which the StJPII community took much pride and honour.
The 60 students and few staff members learnt the ins and outs of first aid, taking precautions, dealing with difficult situations, safety, treatments and much more!
On Tuesday, 15 October, Year 12 students gathered with staff, family and friends at the Nirimba Hall for their Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony began with each student receiving their graduating certificate from the College, followed by meaningful speeches and presentation of awards from the College Leaders, Co-operating Principals and special visitors.
On Friday, 16 October, students and parents/caregivers gathered at the Nirimba Campus for the first RISE UP Merit Morning Tea for 2016. During the year students have been recognised and awarded merits for qualities such as hard work and effort, improvements, personal bests, giving a helping hand and portraying good values at school.
Cooperative Learning aims to organise classroom activities into academic and social learning experiences. In a Cooperative Learning Environment students must work in groups to complete tasks collectively to achieve learning intentions.
On the 13-14th October all Year 9 students participated in Peer Support Training. These two days were designed to give students the chance to make connections with their peers and gain new leadership skills through a range of workshops and activities.
Last week, Year 10 students took part in two Reflection Days that contribute significantly to students' faith and pastoral experience within the College, as well as providing time for students to step out of the classroom environment, learn more about themselves, their lives, faith and friendships as bond with their peers and teachers.
This year, six Year 11 students began university courses at the Western Sydney University through a program offered by the Nirimba Education Precinct. These students completed these courses with flying colours and have received fantastic results!
This is a time of the year where many choices become available to our students. Year 11 are finalising their pattern of study for the HSC, Year 10 and 8 are still finalising their subject choices for 2016... Every day we are faced with choices. What to wear? What to watch on TV? What to eat? Do we understand choices and what motivates us?
The Parramatta Youth Rally is coming up this Saturday! Details can be found here.
Last week Mary Immaculate Parish prayed for our HSC students prior to the commenced of their examinations. "Heavenly Father, we bring before you our HSC students..."
Stage 4 continues to excel. We are experiencing many styles of learning across all subjects and across our everyday lives through great teaching and supportive mentors.
Last Wednesday, 14 October, over 400 students were invited to attend the annual presentation in recognition of their effort and determination in representing the College in a range of representative sports throughout the past year.
The annual Principals’ Masterclass was held on 8 and 9 October 2015, at Rooty Hill RSL, giving school leaders a valuable opportunity to come together to share ideas and participate in professional learning.
On Friday, 9 October, the Nirimba Education Precinct held a "Pathways to Success" conference for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from St John Paul II Catholic College as well as other local high schools and Precinct partners.
Last Thursday, 8 October, Year 11 Science Students from St John Paul II Catholic College had to opportunity to attend university classes at Western Sydney University.
On 2 September 2015, 13 Year 12 students from nine schools across the Parramatta Diocese were the first group to graduate with a Cert III in Health Services Assistance (Acute Care) .
On the last day of Term 3, Year 9 had an exciting day at the Schofields Campus taking part in their Science Incursion!
During Learning Enrichment last term, the drama students took part the StJPII Theatre-Sports Competition. Students formed teams and competed in a range of "theatre-sports" rounds to earn points. The team with the most points won!
Last term, class 9.01 participated in a poetry slam as part of their Australian Poetry unit!
Last Friday, the staff and students of StJPII came together for the annual Teachers vs Students Soccer Match! Over the last few weeks, students and staff signed up and prepared for the match, forming two of the strongest teams the College has had in over 11 years of the tradition.
Hundreds of family, friends, students and staff gathered last Tuesday, 15 September, to celebrate all the fantastic achievements and hard work by the Year 12 class of 2015.
At St John Paul II/Terra Sancta Day our Year 12 members of our indigenous community greeted graduates. Claire Lynch spoke the acknowledgement of Country in language before the usual English translation. As the graduates processed in they were greeted by a subtle smoking ceremony while the aboriginal dancers, who revealed their totem animal, led them to a greeting circle to sing the school song.
A beautiful Friday afternoon greeted a small group who completed some painting and cleaning tasks for our upcoming Year 12 Graduation Mass. Our next working bee will be held on Friday, 6 November at our Schofields campus from 3pm to 6pm. Thank you also to the Williams family for their very generous donation.
Last Friday, 11 September, the whole StJPII College and community gathered for our biggest day of the year - St John Paul II/Terra Sancta Day!
Catch up on the fantastic season of Girls Basketball we had in the MCCS competition this year - with our Senior Girls team winning the finals!
We have had some great results on the field in the last couple of weeks, including a win for our AFL and Touch Footy Boys teams and close calls for our Girls Soccer teams!
s the face of the community, the SRC were involved with welcoming parents and members of the community to all the various information evenings and events during the year and were instrumental in the running of RUOK? Day and STJPII/Terra Sancta Day.
To celebrate RUOK? Day today, staff and students came together during their breaks for concerts and trivia around the purpose of the special day!
Twice a year, St John Paul II Catholic College receives a visit from the Australian Red Cross Blood Bank to give students and staff the opportunity to donate blood. Each visit we have from the Red Cross sees many eager and willing students ready to roll up their sleeves!
Just a reminder that Term 3 school fees were due and payable by 17 August, 2015. All outstanding fees must be paid. More information available....
Year 11 have been very busy this term. During Weeks 8 and 9 they sat their yearly examinations. Mr Green and Miss Powles were so proud of the way in which the students conducted themselves during this period. It goes without saying that Term 3 has been a whirlwind of activity for Year 12. The reality of the HSC and leaving St John Paul II is mixed up with celebrations and excitement.
Last week Miss Sultana's and Miss Fanning's Year 7 classes joined together for the mock trial of "Edmund" from "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". The classes set up the judges, the two oppositions and the jury to determine whether "Edmund" was guilty of treason.
After five weeks of prep and learning, the students came together on Thursday, 27 August for their Medieval Madness Day where students and teachers were dressed as knights, kings/queens and peasants for a day full of activities!
The Human Services Graduation was held at Auburn Hospital in early September. Elsy Elias and Courtney Harper in Year 12 were part of this pilot program with NSW Health and received their Certificate III in Health Services Assistance!
Staff and students from St John Paul II Catholic College were part of the hundreds of people that gathered at St Patrick's Cathedral in Parramatta on Saturday, 5 September, to celebrate the unveiling and blessing of the new monument dedicated to St John Paul II.
For the past two years we have been recognising the achievements of students through our Semester 1 and 2 awards. We will continue to hold our Year 12 presentation evening at the conclusion of the HSC course, but we now officially recognise student achievement on a semester basis for each Stage
Literacy and Numeracy Week 2015 was definitely a hit at StJPII this year! To celebrate literacy and numeracy and create a fun and exciting hype around learning for our students, staff created a range of activities, games and competitions that took place during the week for the students.
Catch up on all the latest news, events and opportunities within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.
The StJPII community would like to congratulate five Year 11 students who have been accepted into the Australian Catholic University "Step Up Into Teaching" Program!
Reading Recovery teachers recently took part in a professional learning day.
Last Tuesday, 25 August, five teams of students from Years 7-12 at StJPII completed the annual 'Write a Book in a Day' Competition from 8am-8pm.
The Year 11 Multimedia class were given the task of promoting the teaching and learning environment and experiences at the senior campus - check it out!
On Wednesday, 19 August, the Year 12 HSC Music students put on a showcase of their final music major works for their HSC to their families and friends at the Nirimba Campus Hall. They put on a fantastic show to a very supportive crowd that gathered on the night. The great quality of work was evident throughout each of the stand-out performances.
Take a look at the upcoming events and opportunities within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, including the blessing of the St John Paul II statue at St Patrick's Cathedral on 5 September.
Our Year 12 students have just finished a big block of exams and are now in the final stages of preparing for their HSC exams. Year 11 students are about to go into an exam block and these events can lead to stress. Here is an excerpt from a page of the University of NSW website and even though it refers to university students much of the information is applicable in the school setting.
Congratulations to all of our StJPII students who proudly represented the College in the Girls PDSSSC Athletics Carnival this Wednesday, 19 August!
Term 3 is always an exciting yet intense time for the SRC as they go through the process of electing College Leaders and representatives for Term 4 and Terms 1-3 for next year. The SRC are also preparing for the 2015 RUOK? Day events!
The solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary falls on a Saturday this year. The Assumption is a holy day of obligation in Australia. The Roman Catholic Church believes that the Blessed Virgin Mary was “assumed” body and soul into heavenly glory when she died. St John Paul II reminds us of Mary’s place in the life of the Church and in our lives …
After 12 months of hard work, designing and producing, our Year 12 Industrial Technology students have handed over their fantastic Major Works for their HSC. The Industrial students produced pieces ranging from coffee tables to cupboards, each unique with a personal touch.
The StJPII community will be gathering at our Schofields Campus at 3pm on Friday, 4 September, for our Term 3 Working Bee in preparation for our big StJPII/TSC Day - ending with pizza for dinner!
Leader of Learning, Stage 5, Miss Cairns, congratulates Year 9 and 10 students on their great efforts and hard work in the recent weeks in completing their exams. Year 9 have been busy with Multicultural Day and their Marian Expo while Year 10 have been busy making big decisions about their subjects for Year 11 next year!
Careers Advisor, Mr Evans, discusses this important time of year for our Year 12 students. Mr Evans believes preparation is the key to HSC success! It's also a good idea for students to be looking through their UAC guides and keeping an eye out for TAFE applications that open early October.
We are inviting all StJPII students to get together and join in this fun community event to raise money for those less fortunate. So lets do it - organise a group of friends, get permission, register and go knocking!
Last week 8.07 and 8.08 joined in "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" revision for their upcoming Religious Literacy Assessment as one of their mini lessons classes have been creating for each other.
On Friday, 7 August, Year 9 students shared stories and knowledge of over 30 apparitions of Mary from around the world at the annual Marian Expo!
Last Friday, 7 August, the Year 11 Geography students travelled to Bantry Bay for an excursion to study the biophysical interactions of the environment. It was a great day filled with geographical discovery and bush adventure!
Ever wanted to join Vinnies Van? A training opportunity is coming up on Wednesday, 16 September!
Last Wednesday, 5 August, Year 10 attended a special presentation that focused on their Vietnam War unit of study! Some of our students even had the opportunity to dress as soldiers and wear all gear and equipment the soldiers used to carry around with them back during the war.
On Friday, 31 July, our Year 9 Photography students traveled to Sydney CBD for their Urban Environment unit of work. Students had the opportunity to get some great shots related to architectural photography while enjoying the scenery!
On Wednesday, 5 August, Year 9 students and staff gathered to celebrate the Feast of Mary of the Cross Mackillop.
You're invited! The Marian Expo is on Friday, 7 August, from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Schofields Campus (PWS). The Year 9 students have been researching apparitions of Mary across the world - each of the 30 apparitions will be showcased at the expo.
Busways have updated their timetables effective from July 27. Please find the new timetables here.
In Term 3 ​Y​ear 7 students are learning about the body in their Maths, Science and PDHPE classes. All ​Y​ear 7 students this week have learnt about the circulatory system and about Cardiovascular Disease.The students have each been given the opportunity to dissect a pig's heart this week​ as part of their learning!​
This notice is from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority(ACARA), to advise you that ACARA has requested your child’s school to provide ACARA with information about you and your child.
Updates from the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta: CEDP wants to hear from you, Year of Consecrated Life Solemn Mass and Vocations Fest, Public Forum on Laudato Si’, Made for Each Other Youth Day, Vocation Discernment Afternoon, Notre Dame Open Day
Under Work Health and Safety requirements parents and caregivers are directed NOT to drop their child/children off at the main entrance to the Schofields campus near the roundabout or main office, but to drive to Rose Cottage, which is located next door to the main entrance of the school.
The Term 3 Calendar of Events is online and available to download!
Just a reminder that Term 3 fees were posted out on Monday, 20 July 2015 and fall due/payable by Monday, 17 August 2014.
A number of students have reported to the ICT department with a file known as "MacKeeper" saved to their device. MacKeeper is a virus that even when deleted may constantly re-appear on the laptop or device unless it is removed properly.
Discover the fantastic learning areas, facilities and outdoor areas at both the Schofields and Nirimba Campus on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, anytime and anywhere!
Stage 4 has been very busy! Written by the students themselves, read about their Year 8 Reflection Day, Year 7 Medieval Madness, Year 8's Soccer Star Dahlia and Year 7's first semester of high school!
In class, Year 8 Italian students have been learning about Italian food and how to order at a restaurant!
Last Wednesday, parents/caregivers, students and staff gathered at the Schofields Campus for the Stage 4 & 5 Semester One Stage Award Ceremonies.
On Friday, 26 June, the hard work of our Year 9 students during Term 2 was showcased in the Year 9 Multicultural Day!
This is the theology of poverty: poverty is at the heart of the Gospel; it is the mystery of Christ who humbled Himself, who let Himself be impoverished in order to enrich us.
Year 8 & Year 10 are currently exploring the subject opportunities they can take next year during Learning Enrichment - it's time to decide!
An intranet has been created for Staff, Students and Parents of the St John Paul II community to assist each group with access to information and resources. The creation of the parent intranet is based on information and feedback gathered through the Parent Chat Group.
On the first Tuesday & Wednesday of Term 3, two groups of Year 8 students participated in a reflection day in the new learning centre on the Schofields campus. This was an opportunity for the students and staff to stop, take a moment and reflect on their journey so far in their time at St John Paul II Catholic College, while also gaining an insight into what the future may hold.
Year 12 students are only months away from sitting their HSC exams and the dedicated teachers at St John Paul II Catholic College (StJPII), Nirimba-Schofields have run 18 HSC holiday tutorials during the school holidays to help students prepare.
Year 12 students are only months away from sitting their HSC examinations and our dedicated teachers at StJPII have been running HSC holiday tutorials this school holidays to assist their students in preparing!
On Wednesday 17 June, five students from St John Paul II Catholic College, Nirimba received awards and scholarship offers from the University of Western Sydney (UWS). The students attended the UWS Awards ceremony after successfully completing university courses during their Year 11 preliminary study in 2014.
Read about Year 7 student, Adrian Borazio's experience in the National Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne back in May. Written by the gymnastics star himself!
On Wednesday, 17 June, five students from St John Paul II Catholic College received awards and scholarship offers from the University of Western Sydney at the UWS Awards Ceremony after successfully completing university courses during their Year 11 preliminary study in 2014!
Last Friday, 12 June, the StJPII community gathered at the Nirimba Campus and mulched the carpark gardens - it looked fantastic on CAN night! Thank you to those who donated time and funds to our working bee.
As a student in our school is currently receiving treatment which results in a lowered immune system, which means the student is more prone to getting ill from infection, a major concern is that if the student develops measles, chickenpox or influenza, he/she could become seriously ill. Letter attached.
Year 11 have been busy during Learning Enrichment learning the rules of the road! Students also had workshops on studying and time management. Year 12 had a great start with their Retreat and Athletics Carnival - but now it's crunch time!
A morning walk around Lake Galilee in the town of Tiberias, where we stayed in a hotel overlooking the waters of Lake Galilee reminded me of these words from Jesus, "I am with you always" (the last words of Matthew's Gospel). Then Jesus said to them, "Do not be afraid..."
On Tuesday June 23 from 6.30 pm in the Nirimba Hall there will be the Subject Selection Market for Year 11 2016 students and their families. The other event is the Parent/Caregiver/Teacher/Student interviews on Monday July 20 at Schofields. This is for all students in Years 7-12 and all are strongly encouraged to attend.
St John Paul II Catholic College has held their first ever Virtual Exhibition! The Virtual art Exhibition is an online display of all the best visual art works produced by our students from Years 7-11. The display gives viewers the option to choose their favourite artwork for the very First People's Choice Award in 2015!
Technology plays a big role in your child's learning. The latest report includes information around Classm8 @ StJPII, ICT Support, the network, laptops and the 2016 iPad & Laptop Information Evenings.
On Tuesday, 9 June, the staff of St John Paul II Catholic College travelled to the Benedict XVI Retreat Centre at Grose Vale for a Staff Evangelisation and Retreat Day.
Throughout Term 1 and 2 many students from Yr 7 to Yr 12 were engaged in the Voice of Youth and the CSDA Public Speaking and Debating Competitions. St John Paul II has a proud tradition of achievement in these competitions and this continues to be the case.
On Monday, 1 June, Year 10 Drama students from StJPII represented the College in the annual “Sharp Short Theatre” Short Play Competition at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta
On Thursday, 11 June, Year 8 and Year 9 Dance students from StJPII performed in the annual “Captivate” Dance Showcase!
Catch up on the latest events and opportunities within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.
Meet two of our three StJPII Girls Hockey teams! The students have had an amazing start to the season with both seniors and juniors still undefeated.
Staff and students at StJPII have recently welcomed new equipment and renovations to the College Gym weights room at the Nirimba Campus. The complete makeover includes new floors, weight bars, kettle bells, dumbbells, rower, bike, treadmill, benches, cable machine and preacher!
Students who are ill and feel they need to go home should report to their teacher in the first instance so that correct procedures can be followed. If they become ill at a break then they should report to the office. Parents are advised that students should not be calling them directly to pick them up.
On Tuesday, 26 May, St John Paul II Catholic College appeared through the morning fog at Blacktown International Sportspark excited and prepared for their annual Athletics Carnival! (Video and Gallery coming soon!)
St John Paul II Catholic College recently hosted an event focusing on the learning and teaching at the College that was attended by secondary principals within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta!
CEDP Device Enrolment Program ensures users and their devices have safe secure access to the educational network.The new Device Enrolment Program system is called AirWatch which replaces Casper. Information letter & FAQs available here.
On Tuesday, 5 May, the College Year 12 SRC attended a Student Leaders Forum at St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta, and had the opportunity to meet other College Leaders within the Parramatta Diocese.
Term 2 fees were due and payable by 25 May 2015. A reminder to those Parents/Caregivers who have not paid Term 2 fees and may require an extension of time please contact either Mrs Webb on 9208-7239 or myself on 9208-7238, urgently to make arrangements and therefore prevent receiving further reminder letters in the mail.
Next Monday, 1 June, two groups of Year 10 Drama students will be competing in the Sharp Short Theatre Short Play Competition at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta - 7.15pm! Adults $18, Concessions/Students $12. Book online or at the door.
Check out the great opportunities within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, including the DWF Appeal, a day with the Notre Dame Folk Choir and Vocation Discernment Afternoon both occurring at the end of May!
Last Tuesday Year 11 Agriculture students prepared and sowed a wheat crop! They are growing this for their plant production unit where they will look at the factors that affect the growth.
We reflect on the new impulse to work at the service of the Church and of evangelization after the canonisation of Pope John Paul II. We learn to live solidarity amongst ourselves in our "network" of circle of friends, nourishing it continually with prayer and the Word of God.
The next working bee will take place on Friday, 12 June, at 3pm on the Nirimba Campus - an opportunity to join the community in taking pride in the College's appearance and end with pizza for dinner! Complete the online form to let us know if you'll be attending.
Careers Advisor, Mr Joe Evans, advises Year 12 students as they take back their half yearly results and focus on the upcoming challenges as well as giving some insight to the questions Year 10 students may be asking themselves regarding decisions for next year.
Year 9 have completed their NAPLAN examinations and Year 10 are getting a "Taste of Nirimba" in preparation for selecting their preliminary subjects in 2016 - read about it here!
We would like to advise all parents/caregivers that a telephone number with all the Thursday sports information is available for access from 7:30 am Thursday Morning.
Year 12 is a year in which there are many competing pressures on our students. We have just completed a process of interviewing all Year 12 students with the intention of assessing their individual needs and to try to implement strategies to assist them. Also learn about the RISE UP Behaviour Matrix created to help explain the idea behind the implementation.
On May 11 to May 13, Year 12 embarked on a spiritual journey to find the treasure that lies within themselves. Throughout the three day experience at Collaroy they were led through games, prayer and song. The students had an amazing time and came back with many memories to keep for a lifetime!
In our term 2, week 4 edition of the program, St John Paul II Catholic College received a very special visit from Sister Rosie Drum (Missionaries of God's Love - MGL) who is the Assistant Director of Youth in the Diocese of Parramatta!
The ICT Team are currently installing a program called "Airwatch" onto all year 8 iPads to allow them access to the school internet. This is a free App that allows the students access to the school network and the internet.
60 students from Years 7-12 were recognised for their outstanding achievement and effort at the first College Merit Morning Tea for 2015. Congratulations to those students recognised at the ceremony!
A random act of kindness by Mr Michael Murray, a student’s father in the St John Paul II community, donated $2,500 to the music program at the College.
Due to the Catholic Education Office using a new system for enrolling iPads onto the school network we require all iPads to have a new program installed called “Airwatch”. All students must have the “Airwatch” app installed on their iPad by Monday 25th May 2015 (Monday week 6).
Girls winter blouses and boys blazers have arrived and can be picked up/purchased from the Uniform Shop. Girls blazers are yet to arrive and parents/caregivers will be notified when they arrive.
On Thursday, 30 April, Year 11 and 12 gathered at Nirimba Hall for the Year 12 Mid Course Awards, where students are recognised for their hard work and efforts within their first semester of their HSC.
A reminder that Term 2 fees were posted out on Monday, 27 April 2015 and fall due/payable by Monday, 25 May 2014.
The closure of the Nirimba Campus, due to the recent weather and flooding in our areas, welcomed Year 11 and 12 students to the Schofields Campus last Thursday and for the first time in the history of the College, teaching and learning for Years 7 - 12 occurred all on the one campus.
The girls waiting on winter uniform orders can wear their sports uniform, school shoes will be needed in TAS & Science subjects.
May 11 to May 13, Year 12 will embark on a spiritual journey to find the treasure that lies within themselves. Throughout the three day experience at Collaroy they will be led through games, prayer and song.
On Wednesday, 29 April, the indigenous students and their friends from St John Paul II Catholic College and Mr Feeney join over 100 other students and teachers from Wyndham College, TAFE and UWSCollege for the annual Reconciliation Ceremony.
On Tuesday, 28 April, our Year 12 Biology students had the opportunity to explore actual diseased specimens at the Museum of Diseases located at the University of NSW!
Captivate 2015 "Best of" Showcase is hitting the theatres 11-19 June. Also Check out the details for Captivate's Got Talent!
It is important that students leaving school early notify the canteen if they have an order so that the canteen can postpone their order, otherwise the order will be made on the day.
Check out the 'App of the Month" and updates on the up coming NAPLAN assessments and 2014 HSC Analysis.
During term 4 last year and term 1 the staff have been exploring and working towards a shared language to speak to the students. A number of acronyms were trialled and the most appropriate and popular and appropriate was decided upon as RISE UP.
Stage 4 have had an exciting year so far! Students in Years 7 and 8 have enjoyed the new learning centre, learnt about restorative justice and taken part in ANZAC Day ceremonies and the Stations of the Cross!
For those with high expectations for themselves and that can be everyone, there are a number of things to consider.
The College is offering two parents to attend the 11th Catholic Schools Parent Conference this year, 16-17 May 2015 at the Opal Cove Resort in Coffs Harbour.
The simple processes to follow when requesting long or short term leave for your child.
Homework and Assessment Club and Maths Assistance is available in Term 2 - check out the details here!
Students usually catching Morning School Bus 9 from Hyatts Rd, Jersey Rd, Lamb st, Adrienne St, Armitage Dr and Golding Dr will now board Route Service 745.
On Thursday, 23 April, St John Paul II Catholic College held two very reflective ceremonies to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the ANZACs.
As you may be aware, Catholic school employers have been negotiating with the Independent Education Union (IEU), and in consultation with teachers and staff, on a new enterprise agreement...
Schofields campus will be OPEN for all Year 7- 10 plus Year 11 - 12 students.The Nirimba Campus will be CLOSED due to the sub-station that powers the sewerage pumps being partly under water.
At the moment police have closed all road access to the Schofields Campus due to flooding. Once the rain eases and access is available to the Schofields Campus we will be sure to notify parents/caregivers that they are able to pick up their children.
Erin Jones and Rebecca Walden have been recognised statewide for their HSC Major Works and have exhibited their works at shows and events this year!
In the weeks leading up to the end of Term 1, Catholic schools across the Diocese held special liturgies to mark Holy Week.
Today the Red Cross Mobile Blood Bank visited our Nirimba Campus where over 30 staff and students from StJPII bravely donated blood!
Recently a random act of kindness by Mr Michael Murray,a student’s father in the St John Paul II community, donated $2,500 to the music program at the College!
Students, staff and special guests gathered on Tuesday 10 March to celebrate the official renaming of Terra Sancta College to St John Paul II Catholic College, Schofields and Nirimba.
Yesterday, Year 11 gathered in the Nirimba Hall with Father Ruben to celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation.
Last Thursday, 19 March, four teachers who have recently began teaching at StJPII attended a formation day and Education Mass to welcome them as new teachers in the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.
n 1999 St John Paul II wrote a letter to the elderly, where shares the story of the elderly in the scriptures and their faith-filled lives and encourages the families of the elderly to re-think their perceptions and some cases misconceptions. Early in March 2015 Pope Francis reflected on the need to respect the elderly.
WATCH all the fun and exciting activities Year 7 experienced at Camp Yarramundi and hear a first hand recount of the camp from Year 7 student Hayley Ling!
The Year 8-12 SRC have done a fantastic job this Term representing the College and assisting with many events.
Term 1 is almost finished and while the vast majority of students wear their full uniform with pride it is appropriate that at this point we restate our uniform expectations for all year groups.
On Wednesday, 18 March, the Nirimba Education Precinct welcomed the indigenous students from StJPII to the Green Skills Hub for a BBQ to meet other indigenous students on the Nirimba Precinct.
Check out all the upcoming opportunities and events from the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.
Catch up on all the news and events happening in Stage 6 this Term, including Year 11's Reflection Day, Biology and Agriculture Excursions as well as Year 12 mid-year exam updates
Students who have a special need that affects their performance in examinations can apply to the Board of Studies for Disability Provisions through their school.
We thank all of those who volunteered and assisted with making the Campus look great!
A recent letter to parents/care givers provides the 2015 dates and further details for NAPLAN.
In year 9 agriculture, students have been completing an assessment task on the growth of chicks.
Last Friday, 13 March, all the staff and students at the Schofields Campus came together in the gathering area for a special assembly to acknowledge the renaming of the College earlier that week. They received TSC/StJPII wristbands as a renaming gift from the College!
WATCH: On Monday, 16 March, the staff and students welcomed 100s of families for the annual Open Afternoon-Evening!
On Friday the 13th of March, year 11 agriculture students went on a farm case study excursion to Number 9 Dairy at Camden.
Click here to read an open letter to parents/caregivers within the Diocese of Parramatta regarding political considerations for Catholic Schools in western Sydney.
Today Year 7 and their Year 10 Peer Support Leaders ended their 5 week Peer Support Program with games and a BBQ to celebrate.
Year 7 Boys Soccer Teams jump into the new StJPII jerseys as they kick into the season.
Get to know the young leaders of StJPII. Francinne shares a little bit about herself, including her motivations and goals.
The New Year has seen us finish off our basketball and cricket seasons for 2014/2015 with some mixed results. The girls recently received their new StJPII Jerseys, which seemed to give them an even bigger sense of pride and determination to do well on the field. Read more!
Find out more about helping change a life today - Mackillop Foster Carers!
All Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta will be once again participating in the Quality Catholic Schooling (QCS) survey. Read the full information letter here.
At St John Paul II there is a well thought out program of alternative activities for students who are not involved in representative sport on a Thursday afternoon. This is carefully tailored to the needs of each group at that time of the year.
The MyMac and MyiPad days held on the 10th and 13th February respectively, were a great success for St John Paul II Catholic College. These days are designed to assist students to understand how to best use their device for learning.
Year 9 have taken part in many exciting events such as the Butterfly Liturgy and MyMac Day. Year 10 have been busy looking out for their Year 7 friends as the Peer Support Program comes to an end with a fun BBQ gathering.
Download the 2015 NAPLAN Parent Information Brochure here.
At St. John Paul II Catholic College staff have been learning about the Charism, the giftedness, of this great man of faith. His fives loves include young people, human love, the Most Blessed Sacrament, our Lady, and the Cross. How do we become more knowledgeable and intentional regarding our action for each of the 5 loves?
On Tuesday, 24 February, Year 11 Senior Science and Biology students made a trip to Penrith Lakes to complete a field study in the ponds.
Last Tuesday, 24 February, Year 7 students received a special visit from some GWS Giants AFL players who came down to the Schofields Campus to officially open the new AFL posts recently installed!
WATCH: On Monday, 23 February, students headed to the Nirimba Education Precinct Swimming Pool for the annual college swimming carnival.
WATCH: On Wednesday, Feb 25, all the students and staff of StJPII gathered together at St Patrick's Catholic Church, Blacktown, for the 2015 College Opening Mass
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On Monday, 16 February, four Student Representative Members and Mr, Feeney had the unique opportunity to attend the official launch of Caritas Project Compassion 2015 at NSW Parliament House!
Last Friday, Miss Apap's year 11 History students went on their very own archaeological dig.
Click to view the 2015 Sacramental Program for important dates, mass details and more at Mary Immaculate, Quakers Hill.
Last Wednesday, 10 December, students came together in the gathering area to celebrate their great achievements and hard work from the last semester at the Semester Two Award Ceremonies.
Homework and Assesment Club, Maths Assistance and Nirimba Mathematics Help are all taking place this year to provide additional support for all learning areas. Find all the details here!
Due to an mandatory ICT upgrade, the College will have an ICT outage on Wednesday, 25 February. College will be at Mass for majority of this day and plans have been put in place to ensure the rest of the day runs smoothly.
As part of the College’s Literacy goal for 2015 we are focusing on improving the reading comprehension for students. This will be achieved by continuing to use the SQ3R and Three Level Reading Guide strategies across all Portfolio areas.
Our first working bee for 2015 is on March 6 - Schofields Campus! Join us for some painting, mulching, general clean up and pizza dinner.
The support staff and teaching staff at St John Paul II Catholic College are praying for our families. May they be a symbol of divine mercy – families that always hopes and always forgives, because it always loves.
The year has kicked off with a lot of smiles, laughs and transition experiences. Hear from the students themselves with messages from Year 7 and 8 students!
On Thursday, 5 February, over 40 students who did exceptionally well in their HSC as students of Terra Sancta College in 2014 gathered at their College one last time to celebrate their achievements with their former teachers and peers at the HSC High Achievers Assembly.
All students in years 7-10 are required to have purchased a $40 access code for the digital Australian curriculum ebook by Pearson. FAQs answered here.